The Doda has authorized 21 instances of rent assessments.
Nadia Farooq

18 July, Doda: At a meeting today presided over by Deputy Commissioner Vishesh Mahajan, the District Rent Assessment Committee (RAC) evaluated and approved 21 rent assessment cases of buildings utilized by different government entities.

The instances that were covered in the discussion included those from the departments of Health, Education, PWD, Youth Services and Sports, Handloom, Legal Metrology, Handicraft, Agriculture, and Sheep Husbandry.


The committee discussed setting the proper rent for the several buildings holding the district’s government offices.

The committee members were given a deadline by the deputy commissioner to complete rigorous title verifications for all new assessments. He also recommended the planning section to include updated and fresh entries to aid committee members in future sessions in comprehending.

The meeting was attended by the Executive Engineer of the Public Works Department, the Tehsildar Headquarter, the Additional Deputy Commissioner, ACR, the Chief Planning Officer, SE PWD, the Chief Medical Officer, Chief Education Officer, DSHO, CAO, CEO, AD Handloom department, and representatives of other relevant departments.



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