PM inaugurates 9th G20 P20 Parliamentary Speakers' Summit
PM inaugurates 9th G20 P20 Parliamentary Speakers' Summit

18 July, New Delhi Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Tuesday that “those” accountable for the plight of India have opened their shops at a time when people have already decided to bring the ruling government back in 2024. He was making fun of opposition leaders who have gathered in Bengaluru, Karnataka, for a joint meeting to take on the BJP in the next year’s Lok Sabha elections.

After opening the new Integrated Terminal Building at Port Blair’s Veer Savarkar International Airport in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, the Prime Minister spoke to a crowd.


“As of right now, the nation’s citizens have voted to bring us back in 2024. Therefore, those who are accountable for India’s situation have launched their businesses, according to PM Modi.

Using terms like “jamat” and “kunba,” he made fun of the opposition parties and warned people to be on their guard.

“The locals claim that this is a ‘kattar bhrashtachar sammelan’…Another unique feature of this gathering is the respect shown to those who are on bail for corruption involving crores of rupees. They are more revered if the whole family is free on bail… A person is praised if he insults a community and is sentenced to jail time by the court, he remarked.

In reference to a Bollywood song, PM Modi observed that individuals put on many facades.

“You can see the range of expressions these folks have used. People think of millions of crores worth of corruption when these individuals are together in one place. The ‘kattar bhrashtachari sammelan’ is allegedly taking place, according to the populace,” he stated.

He charged dynasty politics of being practised by the opposing parties.”In a democracy, decisions are made by, for, and on behalf of the people. On the other hand, dynastic political parties are run by, for, and of the family. Before country comes family. There is hostility, corruption, and appeasement politics, according to their slogan. The dynastic political fire is harming the nation. They only care about the progress of their family, not the growth of the nation’s impoverished, the speaker said.

In order to create a united front to challenge the BJP in the Lok Sabha elections next year, opposition parties are gathering for their second conference in Bengaluru. There are 26 parties present for the two-day conference in Bengaluru, which will culminate on Tuesday.

The Bengaluru meeting, according to PM Modi, contains leaders who are engaged in schemes, and he said that if wrongdoing is discovered, they band together to give a cover.

In response to the violence during the West Bengal Panchayat elections, PM Modi said that the allowed and Congress had “left their people to die” out of self-serving concern.

“There is abduction and corruption connected to flooding someplace, but the inhabitants of ‘kunba’ say nothing. They remain mute about the violence that occurred during the panchayat elections in Bengal a few days ago, he remarked. The Prime Minister said that examples of document leaks and crimes against women had occurred in Rajasthan during Congress administration.

The ‘liquor fraud’ that the Aam Aadmi Party administration engaged in in Delhi was another topic he brought up. According to PM Modi, the opposition parties raise the claim that “nothing has been found” and that “kunbe ke log” gives a clean bill of health whenever investigation agencies uncover corruption and wrongdoing.

PM Modi urged people to recognize these individuals and to be vigilant.



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