In all, 1198 pilgrims set out from Jammu to attempt the Amarnath trek
In all, 1198 pilgrims set out from Jammu to attempt the Amarnath trek

Nadia Farooq

Srinagar19 July, Srinagar: The government denied the false accusations and assertions made in a video that went viral on social media about yatris being attacked with stones.


The government issued a statement explaining the event by saying that the two groups of poniwallas had gotten into a petty argument.

The government has prepared everything necessary for the safe and orderly passage of yatris on the Shri Amarnathji Yatra.

The locals’ unwavering support has been crucial to the success of the yatra from the very beginning. Brotherhood, community peace, and solidarity among the people are on display throughout this yatra.

It was said that this yatra is symbolic of spirituality and has made significant contributions to the economic growth of J&K.

The film was made deliberately to sow discord among groups and disrupt a religious procession.

Everyone who has made the journey to the Holy Cave of Shri Amarnathji has praised the professional organization and smooth operation of the yatra.

It should be noted that not only are yatries, but all parties engaged in the yatra, a top priority for the government. The government has taken the issue very seriously and has ordered the police to take strong action against those responsible and file an FIR against those who spread false information. Users of these platforms are also urged to avoid sharing false information.



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