The Lt. Governor speaks during a memorial service at Jagatpur PG College in Varanasi
The Lt. Governor speaks during a memorial service at Jagatpur PG College in Varanasi

December 24, KNS, Varanasi: At today’s memorial gathering in Jagatpur, Varanasi, Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha gave a speech. He paid honor to the founder of Jagatpur Post Graduate College, Babu Shivnath Singh Ji, a social reformer, freedom warrior, and well-known educator.
The Lieutenant Governor, in his speech to the assembly, said that Babu Shivnath Singh Ji was instrumental in the Champaran Satyagraha.
In order to provide high-quality education to all societal segments, Babu Shivnath Singh Ji founded a senior secondary school in 1945 and championed the concept of universal access to education.
The Lieutenant Governor said, “Our forefathers, including Babu Shivnath Singh, were dedicated to the advancement and comprehensive development of the country, and the establishments they established are actively involved in this endeavor.”
The country still draws immense strength from the sacrifices made by our liberation warriors and their vision. To set the nation on the road to Viksit Bharat, the young must uphold their beliefs and values, the Lieutenant Governor said.
The Lt. Governor said that education is the sole means of transforming a society, citing knowledge and education as prerequisites for full socioeconomic equality.
India is making significant progress in new sectors of knowledge linkage under the leadership of Hon’ble PM Sh. Narendra Modi Ji. According to the Lieutenant Governor, the whole country is now striving toward the same goal: by 2047, India wants to be a developed nation that is self-sufficient.
The Lieutenant Governor spoke on the revolutionary path in Jammu and Kashmir’s higher education system. He also emphasized the newly started College on Wheels program, which gives children the chance to study outside of traditional classroom settings.
The Lieutenant Governor also made recommendations in his speech about the organization of innovation competitions, the integration of student input into the educational process, and the importance of inter-disciplinary education.
The Jagatpur PG College’s BBA and BFA blocks were also opened by the Lieutenant Governor on this occasion. Additionally, a newspaper called “Smruti Granth” was made available.
Students and individuals from many walks of life were there, along with Sh Satish Chandra Dubey, Member of Parliament, and Sh Aniruddh Singh, President of the Managing Committee.



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