The second annual day is celebrated at Dagger Parivaar School
The second annual day is celebrated at Dagger Parivaar School

Baramulla, Nov. 1: On Wednesday, the Indrani Balan Foundation, in partnership with the Chinar Corps, commemorated the second annual day of the Dagger Parivaar School. The school, which provides a safe haven for children with special needs in Baramulla, celebrated this milestone with an exhibition showcasing the remarkable growth and potential of its pupils.

103 specially-abled children who struggle with a variety of medical issues are served by the innovative Dagger Parivaar School, which was opened on October 20, 2021. The goal of the school is to provide these kids with a loving setting in which they can get the attention, instruction, and chances they are entitled to.


A number of dignitaries, including the 19th Infantry Division’s GOC (General Officer Commanding), attended the yearly ceremony. In addition, army officials, civil administration authorities, and the children’s parents were there to provide assistance.

Through a variety of captivating dance performances and cultural activities, the students of Dagger Parivaar School showcased their abilities to the public. The tenacity and promise of these youngsters with severe needs were shown by their performances.

Major General Rajesh Sethi, of the 19th Infantry Division, reaffirmed in his speech the Army’s and the Indrani Balan Foundation’s commitment to improving the school’s infrastructure. “We want more children with special needs to be able to take advantage of the opportunities that the school provides,” he said.

Major General Sethi stressed how critical it is to integrate these students into regular schools and make sure they have the resources they need to succeed.

The main goal of the school is to provide talented kids with the tools to change the world, as stated by Punit Balan, a representative of the NGO. He agreed that pupils with special needs needed to be included in regular classrooms.

He said, “Eight students from Dagger Parivaar School have already been admitted to various government and private schools, proving that these children can excel with the right support. This is a result of the teachers’ and management’s hard work and dedication.”

The founder of the Indrani Balan Foundation, Janhavi Dhariwal Balan, discussed the foundation’s overarching goals with the media. She disclosed that 11 of these schools, devoted to the education and care of children with special needs, had been established in partnership between the foundation and the Army.

“Our goal is to give these kids lots of chances to show off their special skills and abilities,” the spokeswoman said.

The Indrani Balan Foundation and the Army were commended by the parents of the youngsters with special needs. Despite acknowledging the difficulties associated with having children with special needs, they expressed a renewed sense of hope and optimism after seeing their kids being raised in capable hands.



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