The SIU puts notices on the homes of four terrorists in Kulgam and Awantipora
The SIU puts notices on the homes of four terrorists in Kulgam and Awantipora

9 September, Srinagar On Saturday, the Jammu and Kashmir Police issued proclamation orders against four active militants of the Lashkar-i-Toiba outfit who have been wanted in many cases linked to terrorists but have not been found.

The police said that the SIU team of District Srinagar, with the help of police teams from Districts Kulgam and Awantipora, posted proclamation orders under Section 83 of the Criminal Procedure Code on the homes of four active militants who are wanted in a number of terrorist cases but have not been found.


The spokesman also said that the designated and Special Court under the NIA Act in Srinagar had issued General Non-Bailable Warrants u/s 299/512, 25 Police Act, read with 73 CrPC, followed by Proclamation orders dated September 4, 2023, under section 82 CrPC against the following active militants: Umais Ahmed Wani, son of Nisar Ahmed Wani, resident of Chawalgam, Kulgam; Basit Ahmed Dar, son of

By giving these orders, the Hon’ble Court has told the accused people to show up before it within 30 days of the date the declaration was made public. If they don’t, he said, they will be charged under section 83 of the CrPC.

He said that declaration orders have been put in the local media Greater Kashmir and Kashmir Uzma today, September 9, 2023.

He said that the proclamation orders were posted in a prominent place on the accused people’s homes and that the contents were read to the accused people’s family members in a language they could understand.

He said that copies of the proclamation orders that were printed in newspapers were given to their family members in exchange for proper records.

The orders were also posted in prominent places in the towns where the people lived.Also, photos were taken at each place, as was the right thing to do.
He said that the orders stated above were also told out loud along the roads and in other places close.

It’s important to note that these suspected people are needed in many cases in the UT of J&K that have to do with terrorism.

It said that the charged people are active terrorists who are part of the banned insurgent group LeT.



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