The'most suitable homage' to Bapu, according to Kharge, would be for us to defeat the BJP in the 2024 elections
The'most suitable homage' to Bapu, according to Kharge, would be for us to defeat the BJP in the 2024 elections

Hyderabad, September 17: Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge on the challenges ahead, saying that they are not just for the grand old party but concern the survival of democracy, and that our goal must be to defeat the BJP in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, as it marks the centenary of Mahatma Gandhi’s election as the Congress President.

The best way to honour Mahatma Gandhi, he remarked, would be to bring down the BJP in 2024.


On the second day of the Congress Working Committee (CWC) meeting, Kharge observed, “We are all aware of the challenges that lie ahead.” Concerning the survival of Indian democracy and the maintenance of the Indian Constitution, these difficulties are not only those of the Congress.

In a scathing attack on the BJP administration in Delhi, Kharge claimed that a committee on “one nation, one election” was constituted during a gathering of INDIA bloc leaders in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

He said that the previous president, Ram Nath Kovind, was nominated as the committee’s head despite going against all precedent in order to further the group’s purpose.

He claimed that this kind of meaningless action was par for the course for the administration.

Furthermore, the Congress leader emphasised that the Constitution’s groundwork was originally built by the grand old party, and that “thus it is our duty to protect the Constitution” and that we will have to fight for it till our last breath.

It is imperative that we fight tirelessly to replace the BJP in government come the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. Also in 2024, Mahatma Gandhi would have been elected Congress President for the hundredth time. Kharge said that removing the BJP from office in 2024 would be the best way to honour Gandhi.

Assembly elections in five states are also coming later this year, he said, so we must also be prepared for likely assembly elections in all these states and also in Jammu and Kashmir, all of which will take place before the key Lok Sabha polls.

Kharge praised the Congress-led governments of Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan, claiming they had established a new standard in social justice and welfare.

He urged that nationwide awareness of the humanitarian programmes be cultivated.

Additionally, he questioned the state presidents and Legislative party officials present at the CWC on whether or not they had organised block and district level committees, whether or not they were scheduling regular programming, and whether or not they had begun selecting possible candidates.

Not now, he said the party bosses, should we take a break.

Under the BJP’s reign over the last decade, everyday people’s problems have only grown. When it comes to issues affecting the working class, farmers, labourers, women, and young people, the Prime Minister (Narendra Modi) just cannot see beyond himself and his own interests. This is not a situation in which we can sit on the sidelines and do nothing. To safeguard our democracy, he said, “we must band together and overthrow this dictatorial government.”



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