Two Israeli tourists and a local guide were killed in Egypt, according to reports from Israel
Two Israeli tourists and a local guide were killed in Egypt, according to reports from Israel


Israeli officials confirm that two Israeli tourists and their Egyptian guide were killed in Alexandria.

In the strike on Sunday morning, the government stated that a “local” carried out the attack, which injured another Israeli.


It was not immediately clear whether Egyptian officials would confirm.

In contrast, the private Extra News TV programme said that a police officer had fired on a group of tourists near the historic Roman relic known as Pompey’s Pillar.

A security source was quoted as claiming that the attacker shot “at random” with his own weapon before being apprehended at the spot.

Social media posts depicted the aftermath of the incident, with at least two people lying dead on the ground near an ancient site.

The Israeli foreign ministry has claimed it is coordinating with the Egyptian government to expeditiously bring the Israeli people home.

The violence occurred a day after Palestinian terrorist organisation Hamas launched an unprecedented onslaught on southern Israel, sending hundreds of fighters over the border from Gaza and firing thousands of missiles.

At least 350 people have been murdered in Israel, with an additional 313 dead in Gaza as a direct result of Israeli air attacks.

In 1979, Egypt was the first Arab nation to make peace with Israel, but the attitudes of the Israeli government towards the Palestinians have made the country’s new ally unpopular with many Egyptians.

A police recruit from Egypt shot and murdered three Israeli troops in June. Egypt said he and their forces engaged in an exchange of fire while pursuing drug mules, but Israel claimed it was a terrorist strike.



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