WhatsApp is going to add a function that will let users hide locked conversations to protect their privacy: Report
WhatsApp is going to add a function that will let users hide locked conversations to protect their privacy: Report : File Pic

WhatsApp is making strides to improve user privacy by introducing a feature that hides the access point for encrypted conversations and a function that generates a secret code.

Owned by Meta According to recent reports, WhatsApp is in the midst of implementing a feature that would enable users to conceal encrypted discussions. Not so long ago, there were rumours circulating that WhatsApp was in the process of developing a feature that would allow protected chats to be accessed with a secret code.
According to a report from WABetaInfo, the instant messaging app is now in the midst of developing a new feature that will provide users with the opportunity to conceal their encrypted conversations. This capacity will be available in the near future. At the moment, the point of entry for accessing the list of closed chats is always visible in the chat list whenever there is at least one protected discussion. This might possibly make it obvious to anybody who has access to a phone that there are protected calls. By inputting a secret code into the search box, users who have this new feature activated will have the opportunity to remove the access point and disclose the list of conversations that have been locked by typing in the code.

Whatsapp chat lock feature : File Pic

According to WhatsApp, the introduction of a feature to obscure the entry point for accessing encrypted chats and the adoption of a function to show the list of protected conversations both represent important gains in user privacy. Additionally, the secret code function to expose the list of protected conversations can only be accessed by entering a secret code.


To refresh your memory, Meta, the app’s owner, recently announced their plans to release a password-free passkey feature for Android users. It is the goal of this endeavour to improve both security and simplicity by doing away with the necessity for traditional two-factor SMS authentication, which may be both unsafe and cumbersome at times.

The business noted in a statement that was published on X (which was previously known as Twitter) that “Android users can easily and securely log back in with passkeys.” Your WhatsApp account can only be unlocked with your unique face, fingerprint, or pin number.

Even while passkeys were first put through their paces inside WhatsApp’s beta channel for testing, the app’s regular user base will soon be able to get their hands on them. Despite this, there is presently no information that can be found about the incorporation of passkeys for WhatsApp users who use iPhones. The business has revealed that the addition of support for passkeys in Android will take place in stages over the course of the next few weeks and months. Passkeys provide an alternative to conventional passwords by making use of the various authentication mechanisms already installed on the device in question.



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