A 15-year-old girl from J&K was
A 15-year-old girl from J&K was "abducted" by two Kashmiri teenagers who were detained in Nagpur

In connection with a “terror funding case,” the State Investigation Agency has detained a lady from south Kashmir, according to Srinagar on November 24.

The wife of Sarjan Ahmad Wagay, also known as Barkati, of South Kashmir, Shabroza Bano, has been taken into custody by the State Investigation Agency (SIA). A statement released said, “She and her spouse were discovered to be involved in financing terrorism through crowdsourcing.”


A complaint filed under FIR No. 02/2023 U/S 13, 17, 18,, 21 UA(P) Act, 39, 40 IPC of police station, SIA concerns the Barkati family’s role in coordinating a large-scale crowd financing operation that raised crores of dollars. According to the statement, “these funds were later misused, involving money laundering and the acquisition of undisclosed assets for the propagation of radicalism within the Kashmir valley.”

“Sarjan Barkati was taken into custody in August of this year, but ever since her involvement in the case came to light, his wife Shabroza Bano has been avoiding arrest. While conducting the SIA inquiry In the terror financing case, Shabroza Bano emerged as a conspirator and was discovered working hand in hand with her husband and terror handlers headquartered in Pakistan.”

The statement claims that the research shows Shabroza Bano has maintained continuous communication via encrypted messaging services with handlers in Pakistan. “Consequently, she was arrested today on 24.11.2023.”

Crowd financing activities have enabled Barkati and his family to collect over Rs 1.74 crores. The statement states that these monies were raised for personal benefit and that a significant amount of the money generated was allegedly misappropriated for covert reasons, such as funding terrorist and separatist endeavors.

“A substantial portion of the acquired funds had been deposited in various Fixed Deposit Receipts (FDRs) under the names of Barkati’s family members, raising questions about the legitimacy of the sources and utilization of the funds” , the statement said.

It is important to note that Sarjan Barkati, the primary accused in this case, was a well-known organizer of significant demonstrations, rallies, and conflicts with law enforcement in 2016. More than 30 FIRs were filed against him in different police stations around the valley at that time because he played a key role in encouraging young people to attack security force institutions,” the allegation continues. KS



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