"BJP is afraid of holding assembly elections."

The nine years of BJP rule, according to senior National Conference leader Ajay Kumar Sadhotra, have been an age of unfulfilled promises.

A news release states that he spoke at Machine Domana in Jammu at an event hosted by Dr. Tony Chowdhary and Sangeet Sharma. After nine years in power, “the people of India, especially those in Jammu and Kashmir, are angry with the policies of the government and would certainly give the BJP a grand exit through the power of the ballot.”


Sadhotra went even farther in his criticism of the BJP, saying that in order to maintain power, the party plays on people’s religious beliefs, stirs up their ultra-nationalist impulses, and sows discord among different groups of people.

The NC leader said, “Now that the BJP stands exposed for failure on all fronts and pushing the nation to crisis like situations, it has resorted to visiting doorsteps of the alienated people, in a vain bid to establish the connect, but the response is more than clear, as manifested in the recently held Karnataka that has sent shock waves to the entire saffron rank and file.”



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