On July 8, the J&K Sports Council will hold tryouts
Nadia Farooq

Baramulla, June 15 The much-anticipated second annual sports day at Aarifeen School of Excellence (ASE) Delina in the city of Baramulla in north Kashmir got off to a great start with a lot of excitement and energy. The three-day event is going to be a big show of sports skill and friendship.

 The first day was filled with exciting races like the splint race and the jump race, which both boys and girls participated in. These races encouraged healthy competition and pushed young athletes to their limits.
Girls showed off their speed and skill in the hula hoop and sack races, while both boys and girls fought hard in the much-anticipated tug-of-war. The standing broad jump was a great way to see how powerful and skilled the athletes were.


Ishrat Akhtar, a well-known wheelchair basketball player from around the world, was one of the honoured guests on the first day of the second annual three-day sports event.

The celebrations started with the awe-inspiring lighting of the Olympic torch by Ishrat Akhtar, who is a role model for many. The Olympic torch is a sign of competition and unity. It made the people who took part want to compete.

In an interesting change, the fathers of ASE students were also asked to take part in events like javelin throwing, speed races, and tug of war. This brought families together and helped the school feel more like a community.

In her speech to the students and parents, Principal ASE Asma Sadiq talked about how the school is committed to the overall growth of its students and how important sports are as a part of the learning process.

“Aarifeen School of Excellence wants to raise well-rounded people who not only do well in school but also take part in sports and represent our union territory and country on an international level,” said the Principal.



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