Freedom for everyone is the largest development in J&K, says LG on the fourth anniversary of Article 370's repeal
Nadia Farooq

CBC, Ministry of I&B Multimedia Exhibition Closing Ceremony in Srinagar

14 July, Srinagar: The state of Jammu and Kashmir is witnessing fast change, according to Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha, who made this claim on Friday.

A statement released from an official here quotes the LG as saying, “J&K is witnessing rapid transformation under the guidance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.” The LG was speaking at the closing ceremony of a multimedia exhibition hosted by the Sri Pratap Higher Secondary School in Srinagar and organised by the Central Bureau of Communication (CBC), Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.


“J&K is tall and confident on development parameters,” you can say. He emphasised that people from all walks of life are sharing in the nation’s prosperity and reaping the benefits of growth.

The LG discussed India’s remarkable rise to power and praised the CBC for its efforts in putting up an exhibition celebrating “nine years of Seva, Sushasan, and Garib Kalyan” over the course of five days.

The nation has become an economic powerhouse and an example of inclusive progress in the last nine years, he continued, all thanks to Modi’s leadership.

Sinha said that the last nine years had been spent on inclusive, progressive, and sustainable development in order to provide individuals with equal access to economic and social opportunities.

A self-reliant and aspiring culture is emerging, he added, and construction of new facilities is proceeding at a record pace.

The LG said that under PM Modi’s leadership, India has become a major contributor to global prosperity, and that nations to the north and south are turning to India with hope and admiration.

“India has not only regained the past glory, but it is also offering new hope, new aspiration to the world,” he remarked.

Sinha said that the current era of the country’s progress and prosperity is characterised by the empowerment of all sectors of society and fresh revolutions in every sector.

The aspirations of the people and the hard work of the farmers, factory workers, and students of J&K are propelling the state to new heights. He stated, “Together, we have to construct viksit J&K in Amrit Kaal, and it should be our shared obligation to see that every town and hamlet aspires higher and sees its dreams come true. The future of Jammu and Kashmir is in good hands, thanks to its women and young people. A new socioeconomic revolution is possible as a result of the reforms and measures that have recently been implemented, which have given fresh impetus to programmes aimed at their empowerment and ample chances for entrepreneurship.

The Chief Minister has remarked that Prime Minister Modi’s new National Education Policy might alter the course of India’s history.

In addition, he discussed the expansion of government-sponsored and J&K-specific programmes and their eventual saturation.

“Thanks to PM Modi’s tireless efforts, we will be able to succeed in providing tap water to every household under ‘Har Ghar Nal Se Jal; by the end of this financial year,” Sinha added.

He also stopped by the booths set up by several government agencies to showcase their many projects and social activities.

Rajinder Choudhry, additional director general of PIB in Chandigarh, also attended.



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