CBI has opened investigations of 135 government officials over the last five years, with 10 of the cases originating in Jammu and Kashmir
Nadia Farooq

During the operation, documents and computers were seized, but no arrests were made: official

Srinagar, July 03: On Monday, members of the Crime Branch Kashmir examined numerous locations, including the offices of individuals who are suspected of being engaged in false applications for income tax refunds. Multiple teams from the Economic Offences Wing in Srinagar (Crime Branch Kashmir) conducted searches today in the presence of Executive Duty Magistrates at the homes and workplaces of numerous accused and suspect individuals who are allegedly involved in Case FIR Nos. 27/2023 and 28/2023 of P/S EOW, Srinagar (CB-Kashmir), according to a statement released by the agency.
It was said that “the cases pertain to the criminal manipulation or tampering of electronic and other data, which enabled the perpetrators of the crime to fraudulently claim a refund of Income Tax shown to have been earlier deducted at source, etc.” “The cases pertain to the criminal manipulation and tampering of electronic and other data, which enabled the perpetrators of the crime to”
The accused persons have made an unlawful financial gain that is measured in crores of rupees as a direct consequence of their participation in the aforementioned criminal actions, while the Income Tax Department of the Government of India has suffered an equivalent financial loss.

The agency said that these charges were filed on May 25, 2023, after receiving a report from the Office of the Principal Commissioner of Income Tax in Srinagar. This complaint led to the registration of these cases.
“The searches were conducted as a part of the ongoing investigation into the cases,” the statement said. It was said that “due diligence” was used in performing the searches and that “all procedures mandated by law were followed.”
According to the information provided by the agency, the search operation did not result in any arrests being made. “However, several incriminating documents, desktop and laptop computers, and other items have been recovered and seized,” the statement said. According to what was written there, “These have been taken into evidence for the purposes of examination and further analysis as probable evidence in the cases.”
It was stated that the investigations into the instances are going smoothly and that more information on the investigation will be provided at an appropriate time in the future.



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