In this episode of TNPL 2023, Ashwin discusses the unusual occurrence that occurred
In this episode of TNPL 2023, Ashwin discusses the unusual occurrence that occurred

A strange incident occurred during a Tamil Nadu Premier League game between Dindigul Dragons and Ba11sy Trichy in Coimbatore, where R Ashwin threw the same ball twice. The game was held in Coimbatore. Ashwin indicated for another review of the same judgement after R Rajkumar of Trichy was successful in overturning an on-field caught-behind ruling made by K Srinivasan in the 13th over.
Ashwin, the captain of Dindigul, seemed to be dissatisfied with the decision that the initial call would not stand, and he had a conversation with both of the on-field umpires, Srinivasan and MV Saidharshan Kumar. The TV umpire, S. Nishaanth, declared once again that it was not impossible.
Ashwin had twisted a carrom ball away from the right-hand batsman Rajkumar, and wicketkeeper B Indrajith collected the ball behind the stumps in an easy and tidy manner. Following a number of replays, Nishaanth came to the conclusion that the bat, not the ball, had made contact with the ground. The UltraEdge picked up a significant spike when the bat made contact with the ground, and the TV umpire “saw a gap between bat and ball” as a result. He said that the distance between the two players was sufficient to overturn the on-field out ruling.
After conducting a second set of reviews, the TV umpire looked once again at the UltraEdge graphics and concluded that the “spike was due to the bat hitting the ground” and that there was “a gap between bat and ball.”
The judgement had little effect on the outcome of the game, as Dindigul went on to win by six wickets despite the setback. However, after the match, Ashwin voiced his disagreement with the judgement that was made.
In the presentation that took place after the match, he said, “Looking at the big screen, I felt [it was out].” This tournament will now use DRS, which is a new regulation. Even if there is an edge, the spike [on UltraEdge] will almost always appear before the bat. In addition, there has to be unmistakable proof in order to reverse the decision that was made on the pitch. The fact that they decided to disregard it made me feel a little bit unhappy. Therefore, I looked it through in the hopes that the officials would consider it from a different perspective.
Adithya Ganesh, another player for Dindigul, expressed support for his team’s captain’s choice to request a second review of the same ball.
“We had a really narrow escape, don’t you think? “Things like this do occur,” Ganesh stated during the news conference held after the match. “From the inside, I had the impression that it was a nail-biter. Again, with Ash’s brother, he made the correct decision to participate in the DRS as well.
DRS and the Impact Player Rule are being used for the very first time in the TNPL this season, despite the fact that the league is now in its eighth season overall.
Ashwin went from London to his hometown of Chennai on June 12 after being informed that he would not be playing in the World Test Championship final against Australia, which was played at The Oval and concluded on June 11. Ashwin then travelled to Coimbatore on June 13, the day before Dindigul’s first match of the season, which was scheduled to take place against Trichy. He completed the game with a score of 4-1-26-2.
“I’m feeling jetlagged,” Ashwin added. I worked on my flexibility by stretching. The first 10 overs of the game did not provide any significant problems when it originally began. The body got tense as the game went on, and it was difficult to move. Even though I am suffering from jet lag, I decided to go outside and play with the guys.
Ashwin had said, on February 23, at the time of the TNPL auction that took place in Mahabalipuram, that he intended to make himself available for the whole of the TNPL 2023. However, if the Dragons end up qualifying for the playoffs, which begin on July 7, Ashwin would most likely be unable to participate in them since India’s tour of the West Indies will commence with the first Test in Dominica on July 12.
Washington Sundar made his TNPL debut for Siechem Madurai Panthers in the afternoon match in Coimbatore on Wednesday after returning from a hamstring injury. The match took place earlier in the day on Wednesday. In Madurai’s loss against Nellai Royal Kings by six wickets, Washington scored 19 runs off 17 balls while batting at No. 4, and he also bowled two overs without picking up a wicket, allowing 17 runs to score.



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