JKEDI hosts idea-pitching sessions for local startups in Jammu and Kashmir
Nadia Farooq

An influential Kashmiri businessman was among the attendees of the event, which brought together a broad collection of investors and aspiring businesspeople.

Pampore, the 5th of July: Today, the Jammu and Kashmir Entrepreneurship Development Institute (JKEDI) hosted a session for the purpose of concept pitching. This event served to highlight the thriving entrepreneurial environment in the area.

According to a statement released by the Institute, the event, which was hosted in conjunction with different stakeholders, offered a great platform for entrepreneurs from the state of J&K to showcase their forward-thinking ideas and seek help from experienced experts working in the field.


This programme was organised under the overall guidance of Commissioner Secretary, Industries and Commerce, J&K, and it is a part of a series of activities that are routinely organised by JKEDI over the whole length and width of the UT. The Institute has been busy over the last several months putting on a variety of entrepreneurship-related events, including Startup and concept pitching workshops, Entrepreneurship Awareness Programmes, and Entrepreneurship Training Programmes.

The Director of JKEDI, Ajaz Ahmad Bhat, shared his excitement about the event by saying, “The pitching session at JKEDI was an exceptional opportunity for startups from J&K to showcase their innovative ideas.” These aspiring company owners are important to us, and we will do all in our power to help them succeed in today’s cutthroat commercial climate by giving them access to the tools, guidance, and contacts they need to build a successful enterprise.

The event brought together a wide variety of prospective company owners, investors, and mentors who all had a same goal: to investigate and cultivate the expanding startup ecosystem in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K). Among the investors was a prominent Kashmiri businessman by the name of Rafiq Khan. The event drew participation from a diverse range of startup companies operating in a variety of industries, such as technology, e-commerce, educational services, and social impact activities. Aspire Educational Service Private Limited, Sky Robo Drones Private Limited, NEKOD Software Solutions Private Limited, United Floritech, Walnut Willie, Kashmir Kraft, and a great deal of other cutting-edge new businesses are a few examples of those that fall into this category.

This one-of-a-kind event encouraged involvement in both the real world and online, accurately reflecting the dynamic character of the rapidly developing startup ecosystem. The event was made even more accessible and welcoming by allowing startup companies located in different regions of Jammu and Kashmir to meet with one another and showcase their ideas via remote means. More than one hundred people with varying levels of experience as business owners attended the event.

During the pitching session, entrepreneurs had the opportunity to showcase their appealing business ideas and demonstrate their capacity to solve critical concerns and contribute to the socio-economic development of the UT. The session provided as a platform for entrepreneurs. The participating start-up companies demonstrated their zeal, inventiveness, and tenacity, and impressed both investors and mentors with their optimistic outlook on the future of their industries.

The investors and mentors actively interacted with the entrepreneurs, providing them with helpful ideas, assistance, and criticism that was constructive. During the interactive sessions, important conversations were encouraged, and new contacts were made, both of which have the potential to pave the way for future investments and partnerships.

“Both the breadth of skill and the original ideas that were offered left a lasting impression on us. These new businesses have the potential to become important contributors to Jammu and Kashmir’s overall economic development. According to one of the investors, “our criteria is to support the Agri-based businesses and any environment friendly and sustainable startup that can drive the economy of J&K.”



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