The excision of a difficult tumour from the patient's neck was performed successfully by specialists from GMC Anantnag
Nadia Farooq

The operation was successful with just a moderate loss of blood and did not call for any blood transfusions.

Anantnag, July 5: According to a statement released by the Institute on Wednesday, the medical professionals working in the Department of Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) of Govt Medical College (GMC) Anantnag have once again successfully operated on a very difficult and extremely vascular cancer case.

A lady in her forties who had a history of pulsatile swelling on the left side of her neck for a period of more than a year reported the condition to the ENT-OPD department at the Associated Hospital of GMC in Anantnag two weeks ago.


The patient was examined, and an ultrasound of the neck was conducted at the Department of Radiology. The results of these tests revealed that the patient had a “Carotid body tumour,” which is a very high vascular paraganglioma that originates from the carotid body between the main blood veins of the neck. To confirm the diagnosis, an MRI of the neck with MR angiography was performed, and the patient was classified as having a “Shamblin II Carotid Body Tumour” on the left side of the neck.

On July 4, 2023, a team of ENT surgeons led by Professor Sajad Majid Qazi, Associate Professor Aamir Yousuf, and CVTS Surgeons Dr. M Amin and Dr. Khurshid Ahmad from the Department of Surgery successfully operated on a patient. Professor Imtiyaz Naqash was in charge of the anaesthesia team, and dynamic anaesthetist Dr. Zaffar Malik was one of the members of the team.

It is pertinent to highlight here that radiologists from the Department of Radiology at GMC Anantnag, particularly Dr. Saiqa Shafi (Assistant Professor) and Dr. Owais H. Dar (Sr. consultant), did a good job of explaining MRI scans. Whenever critical cases are being operated on at the hospital, the personnel in the Operating Room does an excellent job caring for patients.

The operation was successful with just a moderate loss of blood and did not call for any blood transfusions. The patient who had surgery is doing quite well and is now being followed in the intensive care unit.

At the General Medical Centre in Anantnag, multidisciplinary case management, notably in the area of cancer, is now being practised with the purpose of improving treatment outcomes and bringing tertiary care therapy closer to the general people.

It is important to note that the ENT department of GMC Anantnag is responsible for all Head and Neck patients, and that they successfully operated on a case of “Carotid Body Tumour” for the first time in any peripheral hospital in the Union Territory. This information is crucial to this discussion.

The ENT department would like to express their gratitude to the principal of GMC Anantnag, Prof. (Dr.) Tariq Syed Qureshi, as well as the Medical Superintendent, Dr. Aubid Malik, for their encouragement and assistance in providing the necessary logistical support to take on such difficult patients for surgery.



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