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Sunday, July 9, in Srinagar: A group of fruit growers and merchants had to go through a lot because their flight to Hyderabad was so late.

Tomorrow in Hyderabad, the J&K Horticulture Planning and Marketing Department was going to host a meeting between buyers and sellers.


“Our Indigo flight from Srinagar airport was delayed by at least three hours,” said Bashir Ahmad Baba, head of the Fruit Growers and Dealers Association in Budgam.

Baba said that they got to Ahmedabad Airport at 5:30 and had to catch a flight to Kolkata at 7:25.

“We had to take a different flight from Kolkata to get to Hyderabad,” said Baba.

He said that the top people in the Department of Horticulture didn’t try to book their flights on direct flights or flights with easy connections.

Baba said that the officials and the owners of some cold storages flew to the destination a day early and didn’t care about them.



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