G20 Summit week:
G20 Summit week: "misleading, fake emails" have government offices on high alert

New Delhi, Sep. 4: As the G20 summit kicks today, all government offices are on high alert after a warning from a specific Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) branch about “misleading, fake, and counterfeit” emails being sent by bad actors.

As the two-day G20 Leaders Summit is set to take place on September 9–10 in the national capital, the action is part of increased vigilance to prevent any exceptional scenario.


According to a warning sent on August 24 by the MHA’s Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre (14C), “the misleading emails are targeted to various government offices, and individuals and falsely accuse them of cybercrimes, urging them to respond.”

The warning said that “fake emails are in circulation impersonating CEO 14C” and focused with the headline “Scam alert.”

The notice states, “This is an urgent alert regarding the distribution of fake emails posing as CEO-I4C Rajesh Kumar, carrying the subject “Urgent Notification! “, “Court Notification.”

These emails use the I4C, Intelligence Bureau (IB), and Delhi Police logos, and they incorrectly link the names of the signatories and information about this unit.

“The in question logos and emails are purposefully fake, misleading, and made with evil intentions.”

It is vital to note that neither the signatory nor this unit has started such emails, the I4C wing said in the warning. Furthermore, the undersigned has not given any consent for the creation or distribution of such material. An appropriate response is being made to this problem.

According to officials in many important ministries within the Central government, internal “reminders” are being disseminated to not reply to malicious mail and to report the issue as soon as they come across anything similar.

The conclusion of all G20 procedures and talks with ministers, senior officials, and civil society will take place during the 18th G20 Summit in New Delhi.

At the end of the G20 Summit, a statement from the G20 Leaders outlining their support for the goals discussed and decided at the corresponding ministerial and working group meetings will be adopted.



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