The BBC 'admits' it paid less taxes in India than it owed there
The BBC 'admits' it paid less taxes in India than it owed there

The BBC, according to the revenue Tax authorities, has allegedly underreported its revenue by roughly Rs 40 crore in its tax forms, as stated by the Hindustan Times on Tuesday.

The British broadcaster must submit amended forms and pay any outstanding debts, penalties, and interests, which might total several crores, according to an unnamed official from the Central Board of Direct Taxes, as reported by the newspaper.


One official told the Hindustan Times, “The BBC must act as per the stated procedure or face the law.” In their words, “The Department will continue taking action against it until the matter is taken to its logical conclusion.”

The BBC has said that it is, and will continue to be, cooperative with the tax department in its investigations.

A BBC representative said, “The process is ongoing and will take time to conclude.” The BBC takes its tax responsibilities extremely seriously.

The BBC’s Mumbai and Delhi offices were raided by the Income Tax agency in February. The Indian tax authorities had previously claimed that BBC’s earnings in the nation were disproportionately little compared to the scope of the company’s activities there.

After a BBC documentary claimed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was complicit in the Gujarat riots of 2002, the government was scrutinised. The violence claimed the lives of almost a thousand individuals, the vast majority of whom were Muslims.

It was noted that the timing of the searches “smacked of intimidation” by media rights activists across the world and by opposition leaders in India. The BBC has already declared its support for its staff and journalists, saying they will “continue to report without fear or favour.”

The administration insists that the BBC programme and the Income Tax surveys are unrelated.



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