The Blue Pansy has been designated as the state butterfly of J&K
The Blue Pansy has been designated as the state butterfly of J&K

Jammu: The Blue Pansy spice has been designated as the official butterfly of the Union Territory by the Jammu and Kashmir government.
According to an order issued by Dheeraj Gupta, Principal Secretary to the Government for the Department of Forest, Ecology, and Environment, “sanction is hereby accorded to the declaration of Blue Pansy (Junonia orithya) as Butterfly of the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir.”
Originating in Africa, this butterfly may now be found all over the world, including in southern and southeast Asia, Cambodia, and even Australia. A flower known as the Blue Pansy in English relates to Junonia Oenone in southern Africa, where it is known as the Eyed Pansy.
The butterfly, which is often electrifying blue on one side of its wings and inconspicuous brown on the other, may confuse you with its high chances of attracting your attention.
When a male opens his wings (wing upperside), you can see that the forewings are a velvety black and the backwings are a shiny blue. Females, on the other hand, are a dusky, dull brown colour and are bigger than males.
Both have ‘eyespots’ on their wings, which are brightly coloured and strategically placed to attract attention.
When the wings are folded (showing the underside of the wings), however, both sexes seem dull brown with fewer distinct eyespots and wavy patterns.
The blue Argus is the common name for this butterfly in Australia, although in Europe, the Aricia Anteros is called by the same name.
The UT now has two more approved birds and animals.
The Hangul remains the official UT mammal, while the Kalij Pheasant was just proclaimed the official bird by the government.
The black-necked crane is the official UT bird of Ladakh; hence, J&K had to choose a different bird.
The former Jammu and Kashmir State’s official symbols were the black-necked crane and the Kashmir stag (Hangul). Ladakh chose the black-necked crane as their UT bird when J&K was reorganised.



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