LG gives a kid at DPS Srinagar, who is in seventh grade, his pricey wristwatch
LG gives a kid at DPS Srinagar, who is in seventh grade, his pricey wristwatch

During a speech delivered Thursday in Srinagar, Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha emphasised the need of using education as a platform for original research.
An official spokesman issued a statement here quoting the LG as saying, “Our focus is to make education a powerful medium for independent research, growth of independent ideas, and the classrooms to be a place where dreams and aspirations are born.” The LG was reportedly interacting with students at Delhi Public School in Srinagar.

An extraordinary challenge of revamping the whole education system under the National Education Policy, he added, was beginning under the supervision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


Sinha inspired his pupils to pursue their passions, ask questions, think outside the box, and grow from their experiences.

All students should keep these four maxims in mind. Self-awareness, expressing one’s unique perspective, gaining experience, and working with others were all things he stressed.

Teaching staff were urged by the LG to make class time interactive and collaborative, and to provide students room to develop their own identities.

The seeds of curiosity, creativity, and originality are planted in youngsters by the learning environment that extends beyond the curriculum. He argued that schooling should encourage inquisitiveness, foster students’ creative potential, and assist in the development of their unique identities.

According to Sinha, learning stimulates thought, pushes pupils to question and explore the world around them, and fosters an attitude of inquiry, curiosity, and critical analysis.

“It helps them develop their own special character. He emphasised the importance of educating the youth because “they are the future of our nation and they need to learn skills that will prepare them for the real world.”

The LG emphasised that it was everyone’s job to make the school a place where students’ curiosity was valued more than their grades, and where students’ originality was celebrated rather than merely their ability to memorise facts.

He discussed the changes that have been made in the educational system over the last several years.

Sinha emphasised the value of educators in imparting both new and old information to their pupils. Every aspect of our life has been revolutionised by the advent of AI. Soon, schools driven by AI will provide individualised instruction to help kids reach their full potential. The only people who can deliver education of conscience, he continued, are teachers, despite all the technological advancements. The job of a teacher is not to get through the curriculum, but to develop the students’ innate abilities and to make the educational process more exciting, interactive, and team-oriented. Every youngster has to go through this in order to find their own strength, voice, and knowledge.

The LG said the world has seen the growth of peaceful and rising J&K thanks to the successful G20 Summit held in Srinagar.

“Jammu and Kashmir has emerged from the dark age, when schools were sometimes closed for months at a time. Students should inform their families and the general public that a once-in-a-lifetime chance has arisen. It’s now possible to attend school year-round. The workplace and corporate cultures have evolved for the better. He remarked, “Young people today have more opportunities to pursue their goals, and regular people are living better than ever before.” For progress and learning, peace must come first. Collectively, we should all work towards making the world a more peaceful place.

Vijay Dhar, chairman of DPS Srinagar, spoke about the institution’s many accomplishments, including its learning school and virtual interface designed for students with special needs.

He pushed for collaboration between public and private institutions to provide equal access to high-quality education.

The LG also saw the school’s facilities for youngsters with special needs, which included a learning and activity complex.

Principal Shafaq Afshan, Pro Vice Chairperson Kiran Dhar, Deputy Commissioner (DC) Muhammad Aijaz, and DIG Sujit Kumar also attended.



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