The non-profit Helping Hands Foundation held a mass marriage ceremony for 61 couples
By Aaqib Parray

In a spectacular mass marriage ceremony, “We the Helping Hands Foundation,” a non-profit NGO, united 61 couples in a celebration of love and togetherness.
NGO pioneer Umer Wani once said, “This thing has been fixed in my mind as I consider these girls my own sisters.”
He said, “We cannot let the families of these 61 couples go hungry for the entire day, so we provided some dishes for them to eat.” The Nikah ceremony began at approximately 7 a.m. and went late into the night.
We had around 157 Nikah ceremonies last year, and we want to have about 200 this year. Adding, “We are a non-profit foundation and are not sponsored by any political party, company, or entity,” he stated, “Insha’Allah, we will achieve that.” For the same reason that we do not permit media coverage, we provide the utmost respect for the privacy of our brides. And we’re the first non-governmental organisation in Kashmir to organise a mass wedding of this size.
“I have gotten tremendous love and support via my social media presence, which has allowed me to organise such occasions. We have Rista, Kabab, Roganjosh, and Gushtaba, and my suggestion to the people of Jammu and Kashmir is that they should do modest Nikah rituals rather than elaborate ones.



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