The Secretary of the Sports Council evaluates the year's schedule of events
The Secretary of the Sports Council evaluates the year's schedule of events

In a meeting held today in Jammu, Secretary of the Sports Council Nuzhat Gull went through the year’s schedule for upcoming sporting events.

Ashok Singh, Executive Engineer at CDK Jammu, and the Jammu and Kashmir State Sports Officer accompanied the Secretary.


Secretary travelled to M.A. Stadium, location of a women’s cricket event, and the High Performance Khelo India Centre of Excellence for Fencing.

Female cricketers thanked the government and Sports Council for providing them with facilities during a meeting with the secretary of the council.

The Secretary of the Sports Council recently told a group of cricketers that during the last few years, the landscape of sports in Jammu and Kashmir has altered dramatically for the better.

She said that the government has made various moves to improve conditions for J&K’s athletes.

At Fencing Hall, M.A Stadium, Jammu, the Secretary briefly spoke with national and international champions, including fencers from the Khelo India Centre of Excellence. The trainees at the facility then stunned the audience with a display of their fencing abilities after the discussion. The Secretary was impressed by the demonstration of talent and praised the concert, calling the performers “role models” for today’s youngsters.

The Secretary of the Sports Council also inspected the gymnastics facility after it had been officially opened, checking on the condition of the apparatus and appraising the quality of medical care and other health services available to the athletes.

The Secretary of the Sports Council met with the Jammu region’s building division first thing that morning. The Sports Officer for Jammu and other Sports Council management and staff members were also present at the meeting.



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