With over 10 million views in only 13 days, the wedding song
With over 10 million views in only 13 days, the wedding song "Kya Karie Korimol" has brought international attention to the music of Kashmir

8 June, Srinagar: Kashmir’s cultural heritage has always been highly regarded by its inhabitants. There is a profound musical tradition there.

The wedding song “Kya Karie Korimol,” which features Alif, Noor Mohommad, Aashima Mahajan, and others, has acquired 10 million views on YouTube in only 13 days, attesting to the increasing popularity of Kashmiri music. The emotional connection between a father and his daughter on her wedding day is wonderfully conveyed in the lovely single published by Coke Studio. It depicts a father’s emotions as he prepares to say goodbye to his daughter before she leaves home.


Kashmiri artist Mohammad Muneem recorded the song’s opening stanza in Kashmiri, which recounts the stress the groom’s father feels as he prepares lavish meals for his daughter’s wedding guests. There is a lot of pressure on him to provide a lavish meal that would please everyone there because of social conventions.

Famous Kashmiri folk singer Noor Mohammad also makes an appearance in the tune, singing about the eagerness of the guests to feast on wazwan. Then, singer Aashima Mahajan leads a chorus of women dressed in traditional Kashmiri pherans (gowns) in the ‘wanvun’ (Kashmiri women folk songs) part.

Famous poet, singer, and composer Alif, who won an IRAA for his song “Like a Sufi,” also appears on the track.

The song was written and performed by Alif. Aman Moroney, ALIF, and Ashish Manchanda, the song’s producers, assured its flawless execution.

The piece benefits greatly with the addition of the Wanwun voices of Zartasha Zainab, Shivani Matyal, Samhita Shiledar, Samiyah Nabi, and Rumuz-e-Bekhudi, as well as Alif’s hypnotic voice and acoustic guitars. The song benefits greatly from the addition of the ‘Wanvun’ couplets written by Rumuz Bekhudi and Alif.

The traditional music and food of Kashmir are well reflected in this song.



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