PDD employees on duty were seen using prohibited, crude devices at the receiving Station
PDD employees on duty were seen using prohibited, crude devices at the receiving Station

Baramulla, Dec. 11: During an examination, members of the Power Development Department (PDD) on duty at a receiving station in the Baramulla region were discovered to be utilizing prohibited, low-quality devices.

The agency has outlawed the use of crude technology by customers.


Shabir Ahmad Raina, Additional Deputy Commissioner Sopore, carried out a late-night inspection of the Receiving Station in the Baramulla district’s Watergam sector.

The purpose of the inspection was to see whether the PDD in the metered and non-metered regions was adhering to the power schedule. When the ADC Sopore arrived at the receiving station Watergam, the on-duty staff discovered that one of the heaters they were using was prohibited by the department as of late. The agency also issued a warning to the public about the harsh consequences of utilizing such devices.
The PDD’s effectiveness and the policies it implements have come under scrutiny in light of this disclosure.

It wasn’t the first time that PDD employees had been seen utilizing rudimentary devices for warmth; in fact, news of this kind had surfaced from the central Kashmir region a few weeks before.

In an interview with Greater Kashmir, ADC Sopore admitted that PDD employees have been seen using subpar devices that the agency had outlawed for users.

It surprised me as well. I summoned the employees to my workspace and threatened to take action if they continued to use these devices. ADC Sopore informed Greater Kashmir, “I have instructed them to swap out these gadgets with other electronics that use less power. He said that the employees gave their word that the antiquated devices would not be utilized again.

The government had already ordered Power Development Department (PDD) personnel to form inspection squads and reduce consumer usage of outdated and prohibited devices, as this publication had already reported.

The Divisional Commissioner for Kashmir has directed the launch of a comprehensive campaign to discourage customers from using outdated and prohibited technology.

Following this, the Baramulla district government wrote to the Kashmir Power Distribution Corporation Limited (KPDCL) Superintendent Engineer (SE) in Baramulla, asking them to establish teams and check squads as well.

These teams’ mission was to look into and deal with the problem of consumers using inappropriate and prohibited gadgets; offenders should be held accountable “under relevant rules and laws.”

Over the last several days, the PDD has confiscated many disks from customers’ homes. The action taken during the drives was also posted on social media by Kashmir Power Distribution Corporation Limited (KPDCL).

However, the public’s outrage has been sparked by the disclosure that PDD employees were discovered using prohibited devices.

A local from Sopore Muneeb Ahmad stated, “When such gadgets are found in consumers’ houses, the PDD department claims to legally punish the consumers, but now what action will the department take against the officers who allow using banned gadgets by employees on duty at receiving stations?”

Habib Choudhary, superintendent engineer for operation and maintenance (O&M) at KPDCL North Circle, promised to investigate. “I will obtain an accurate report regarding the matter from the executive engineer in question, and appropriate measures will be implemented,” Choudhary said to Greater Kashmir.



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