Mahatma Gandhi's life served as the inspiration for College on Wheels: LG
Mahatma Gandhi's life served as the inspiration for College on Wheels: LG

November 19, Katra: On Sunday, Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha said that the life of Mahatma Gandhi served as an inspiration for College on Wheels.

In a statement released here, an official spokesman said that the LG was inspired by the life of Mahatma Gandhi, who embarked on an epic train tour of the nation, engaged with people from all walks of life, and awakened society with the timeless values of Satya and Ahimsa, truth, and non-violence. Gandhi also unveiled the “Gyanodaya Express—College on Wheels,” the first-of-its-kind mobile educational endeavor in Jammu and Kashmir.


In order to empower almost 700 female students from all of the J&K institutions, he applauded the extraordinary and first-time efforts of the Higher Education Council, the University of Jammu (JU), and all those involved in the program.
For the students, the Gyanodaya Express will be a journey of knowledge as it passes through many states. According to Sinha, by delivering immersive, cooperative, and project-based learning opportunities, the trip aims to blur the lines between classrooms and educational streams and advance the field of education. “J&K universities will soon launch a comparable Gyanodaya Express, with male students from both domestic and international universities.”

College on Wheels, he suggested, will be a self-discovery experience for the kids.
The LG said that it would be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to learn about the nation’s many regions, cultures, and novel facets of knowledge and existence.
In the spirit of collaboration and teamwork, he added, the kids will be able to work together on several projects during the trip and produce something fresh.

The children will have the chance to learn by experience, as the train voyage will enhance transdisciplinary education. In addition to understanding the problems, cultural diversity, and spiritual richness of other areas, they will be able to exchange experiences with one another, according to Sinha. Journeys by train are seen as expeditions to change the current state of knowledge. Students will get fresh perspectives, ideas, and practical experience for future research via their visits to centers of excellence, including the Indian Navy, ISRO, and Sabarmati Ashram, alongside mentors.

He made small talk with the students and mentors, wishing them well.
The distinctive and creative concept of “College on Wheels” for student empowerment by providing them with practical knowledge of the world beyond the classrooms was emphasized by Prof. Umesh Rai, vice chancellor of JU, and Prof. Dinesh Singh, vice chairman of the J&K Higher Education Council.
With a focus on idea incubation, innovation, and skill development, Gyanodaya Express-College on Wheels aims to accelerate the transition from job seekers to job creators by aligning with the ambitious National Education Policy (NEP) 2020.

Students will be able to gain comprehensive knowledge of the places they visit via the Gyanodaya Express, which goes beyond academic pursuits. Innovation, personal development, and national cohesion will all be sparked by it as well.

There were other publications on the “Design Your Degree” initiative and a manual about “College on Wheels.”
Saraf Singh Nag, the chairman of the District Development Council Reasi, Kamlesh Kumar Mishra, the director of tourism and marketing at IRCTC, vice chancellors of many universities, senior officials, heads of educational institutions, and faculty members were also in attendance on this special occasion.



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