School children in Kashmir suffer as a cold wave sweeps over the region amid infrastructural problems
School children in Kashmir suffer as a cold wave sweeps over the region amid infrastructural problems

Srinagar, November 19: The sudden arrival of cold weather in Kashmir has exacerbated pre-existing school issues, as kids are feeling uncomfortable because of the shoddy facilities in classrooms during the cold weather.

Schoolchildren in Kashmir are suffering from the extreme cold as a result of the recent temperature drops that have occurred in several locations below average.
Parents and other stakeholders are becoming concerned since the government has not yet announced plans for winter breaks for school pupils, especially those in lower grades, despite the difficult circumstances.


Schools are experiencing a critical problem with inadequate heating facilities, which leaves classrooms and common spaces uncomfortable when the temperature drops.
All districts are receiving complaints about shivering schoolchildren and overcrowded classrooms with several classes of pupils because schools lack the necessary infrastructure.

Parents are becoming more furious with the government’s lack of response and highlighting the detrimental effects on their kids’ wellbeing and capacity for concentration in school.

They have to finish the 220 academic days of the semester, according to a statement issued by the Director of School Education in Kashmir. However, it seems that he is ignorant of the circumstances on the ground. Iqbal Ahmad Najar, a Baramulla father whose children attend a government school, said, “The students are shivering in schools.”
“The agency said during the enrollment drive that schools provide the greatest amenities to students, but the actual state of affairs contradicts such assertions. “Our kids are in pain,” he said.

The possible health consequences of extended exposure to cold temperatures on school property have drawn attention.
Hospitals and other medical institutions in Kashmir are reporting an increase in people seeking treatment as a result of the notable spike in flu infections.
The parents are confused by the move since schools are not taking any safety precautions to protect the students.

The School Education Department (SED) typically begins announcing winter break for students in December and does so gradually.
All officially recognized government and private schools in Kashmir and the winter zones of the Jammu division were given a winter break by the SED last year. The break will run in three parts, from December 1, 2022, to February 28, 2023.

Winter break was announced for students up to class 5 starting on December 1, for students in classes 6 through 8, starting on December 12, and for students in classes 9 through 12 starting on December 19, 2022.

However, the valley has seen a sudden shift in weather this year, making it very difficult for young children to go to school in the morning. A father from Sopore named Imtiyaz Lone suggested that the government declare a winter break for pre-primary education.
The administration has not yet revealed any intentions to provide respite for the pupils, despite the fact that the situation—which is made worse by the bitter weather and inadequate facilities in schools—demands immediate action.

Rajiv Rai Batnagar, advisor to the lieutenant governor, informed Greater Kashmir that he had not yet received a suggestion of this kind about the announcement of winter holidays.
“The Department of Education did not submit any proposals to me. Regarding the difficulties pupils in schools suffer in the bitter weather and in the absence of infrastructure, Batnagar said, “I will check it with the department and see what can be done.”



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