The FFRC prohibits private schools from keeping entrance payments unreceived
The FFRC prohibits private schools from keeping entrance payments unreceived

Srinagar, December 20: All private schools in Jammu and Kashmir have received an order from the Fee Fixation and Regulation Committee (FFRC) prohibiting them from collecting admission fees from youngsters applying for kindergarten enrollment.

The ruling was given by Justice (retd) Sunil Hali, the Chairman of the FFRC, at a time when private schools in Jammu and Kashmir are either starting or about to start the admissions process for the next academic session.
According to the FFRC Chairman’s directive, there are a lot of complaints stating that private schools are demanding entrance fees that are against the law.


The order made reference to Section 20E (1) of the Jammu and Kashmir School Education Act 2002, which has been amended from time to time. This section states that private schools are not allowed to charge fees from students or guardians other than tuition, an annual fee, transportation fees, and fees for voluntary special purposes like picnics, tours, and excursions that are entirely voluntary, as well as any other fees that the FFRC may approve following the required procedure.

The decree states that private schools are not permitted to impose any fees other than those specified in it, including entrance fees or any other sum that may be referred to by any other name.

All private schools have received circular instructions from the Chairman of the FFRC not to impose admission fees in contravention of the law.

The FFRC ruling states that if a complaint is shown to have been made against a private school for charging an entry fee, it will be assumed that the cost was paid by all enrolled pupils, and legal action against the school administration would follow.

According to the FFRC, the CBI would investigate the issue if it were denied that the school administration charged an entry fee under the guise of a receipt or for any other reason.

The ruling states that “action in accordance with law will be taken against the school in case of an adverse report from the investigating agency, which may include de-recognition of the institution.”

According to the ruling, “it is also alleged that the majority of schools are accepting cash payments without providing a receipt for the amount charged.”



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