A poetry gathering was conducted in Kupwara
A poetry gathering was conducted in Kupwara

Kupwara, September 20: In honour of National Hindi Day, the Army’s Kupwara Terriers and the Cultural Trust Kupwara collaborated to host a Kavi Sammellan at AGS Wayin. This event took place today.

One of the many activities that were held to commemorate this momentous anniversary was an online essay competition held in Hindi. The goal of the competition was to increase awareness of the significance of the Hindi language in outlying regions of Kupwara.


At the tournament, there were a total of 53 participants, including both boys and girls, who came from 11 different schools in the Kupwara area. An online Hindi Essay Competition has been held for the first time ever in Kupwara. The purpose of the competition is to provide students the opportunity to demonstrate their interest in learning a second official language.

Insha Fatima and Fatima Naseer, both of whom attend Army Goodwill School Wayin, came out on top, taking first and second place, respectively.

The Kavi Sammelan was the first event of its type to be held in Kupwara, and during it, poets from the Cultural Trust of Kupwara spoke on the significance of the Hindi language and the need of learning it.

Not only did Retired Police Officer Prem Sagar Kalia and his wife Vijay Kalia grace the event as Chief Guests, but they also thrilled the audience with their fantastic and intriguing poems. Prem Sagar Kalia was a member of the Kalia family.

In addition to the Chief Guest, the ceremony was attended by about 250 students, officials from the Army, members of the school staff, members of the media, and villagers from the hamlet of Gulgam.

At the conclusion of the online poetry competition, the Chief Guest congratulated the winners and gave diplomas and prizes to the children who had shown exceptional achievement during the event. In addition to pupils, he honoured poets from the Cultural Trust Kupwara with his congratulations.

The guests and poets gave the Army a lot of praise for organising this event, which would help spread the use of the Hindi language across the Kashmir area.



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