All open positions in government agencies must be filled within six months: LG Manoj Sinha
All open positions in government agencies must be filled within six months: LG Manoj Sinha

Sep. 19, Ganderbal (KNO): Manoj Sinha, the lieutenant governor of Jammu and Kashmir, said on Tuesday that a “major recruitment drive” would be conducted over the next six months to fill all open positions in the different government ministries.

According to the news source Kashmir News Observer (KNO), the LG made his remarks to a crowd in Central Kashmir’s Ganderbal district after officially opening and laying the cornerstones for a number of development projects. He said that the UT administration had launched a recruitment drive the previous year, and hundreds of young people had been hired using a fair process. The speaker added, “Let me announce here that all the vacant posts in various government departments will be filled within the next six months through a proper recruitment drive,” adding that “poor man’s child also has a right to become an officer.”


The LG said that a vegetable vendor’s daughter just joined the KAS. “She told me when we first spoke that she never saw herself as an officer. I reassured her that children of impoverished people had the same rights as children of affluent people, he added.

The LG attacked regional parties, claiming that “some party’s looted the State exchequer, built enormous villas in foreign countries, and left the common of J&K suffer.”

The LG said that these individuals “can’t handle peace” and that they keep hatching plans to incite and mislead people under various pretexts.

According to him, the Prime Minister Awas Yojna Scheme provided 2800 Awas to residents of the Ganderbal area. “Let me be clear: In the Ganderbal district, not a single non-J&K resident has received an Awas. However, some individuals find it offensive to watch a poor guy constructing their houses and plot to stop the relocation, the LG stated.

The LG said that the days of schools and institutions closing on orders from Pakistan or from “its stooges here” were long gone. “J&K is moving towards wealth and peace. People are content and taking advantage of nightlife, he said.

He said that 1.88 billion visitors visited J&K in 2017. Who gained from that? a local cart vendor, hotelier, Riskhaw wall, shikara walla, and taxi driver are among examples. 1.52 million tourists visited J&K this year until August, and that figure is expected to reach 2.25 million, according to the LG, who also said that some individuals find it difficult to comprehend the large number of visitors to J&K and create claims in an effort to mislead others.

According to the LG, Ganderbal is headed for rapid growth. “I am happy that Ganderbal is soon going to establish itself as a major tourism destination. A staggering 3.5 lakh tourists arrived in Sonmarg, he claimed.

The unpleasant aspect was that the projects whose foundation stone was placed in 2011 were being inaugurated today after a significant wait of 12 years, according to the LG, who claimed to have launched a number of projects in the area. “Previous leaders here established a pattern of starting initiatives but never finishing them. The current government completed 33 of the 75 projects in Ganderbal, and the other 45 will be finished soon, according to him—(KNO)



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