Amarnath Yatra Security Reviewed by ADGP Vijay Kumar, National Highway
Nadia Farooq

‘Maintain safe environment and conduct anti-terrorist operations on both sides of NHW’

Srinagar, 16 July: ADGP Kashmir Vijay Kumar, along with other police and CRPF officials, conducted a comprehensive security review at various points, including the Navyug Tunnel on National Highway, to ensure the safety and security of pilgrims and tourists during the ongoing Amarnath Yatra.

According to the police report, during the evaluation, Kumar looked over the current security measures and conducted a firsthand inspection of the live up and down convoy operations. He offered helpful observations and suggested new strategies for the police and CRPF to try. He pushed for officers to make SOPs a priority and follow them religiously. He gave orders for the police to be on high alert to prevent any threats to the pilgrims’ security. By implementing the new recommendations made by ADGP Vijay Kumar, the police and SFs would be better equipped to deal with security threats and guarantee the safe passage of convoys along the National Highway.


The Additional Director General of Police (ADGP) for Jammu and Kashmir has stressed the significance of maintaining traffic flow and has ordered the Kulgam police to fully support the efforts of the traffic department in directing traffic and protecting the safety of tourists and residents alike. Even more importantly, ADGP Vijay Kumar emphasised the need to protect the rights of visitors and the general people. He stressed the need of making everyone feel comfortable and protected without fear of intimidation or harassment.

Shri Vijay Kumar called a coordination meeting at the 163rd Battalion CRPF headquarters after the security review to discuss tactics and actions to avert any possible terror occurrences along the designated path. ADGP Vijay Kumar facilitated talks on a variety of counter-terrorism strategies, all of which acknowledged the critical need of maintaining a high level of security along this critical traffic corridor.

To improve cordon and search operations along the National Highway, ADGP Kumar instructed SSP Kulgam to collect particular human intelligence (Humint). ADGP Kumar recognised the necessity of intelligence-led operations in maintaining regional security and emphasised the need of collecting timely, accurate information. Potential dangers along the chosen path may be identified and effective security measures can be implemented with the help of the produced Humint.

The proactive monitoring and coordination efforts of ADGP Kashmir show how seriously the security forces take the safety of everyone on the Amarnath Yatra. The administration’s dedication to ensuring the safety and comfort of those making the voyage is unwavering.



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