J&K government resolves 2K militancy victim kin employment cases
J&K government resolves 2K militancy victim kin employment cases : File Pic

Srinagar, Oct. 25 (IANS): The government of Jammu and Kashmir has resolved to resolve 2,000 appointment cases for the relatives of militancy victims in the union territory that have been lingering under SRO 43.

According to the authorities, this is a monumental move that will relieve the pressure on the 2,000 young people whose appointments were held up because of SRO 43.


Compassionate appointments in government service for relatives of militancy victims, incidents involving deaths of government workers due to border shelling or fire, and deaths of government personnel while in harness are all addressed in SRO 43.

The government has chosen to make the almost 2,000 SRO 43 appointments that have been delayed so far a priority before adopting a new process for making these appointments.

Following the lead of the federal government, the administration has instituted a new policy of compassionate appointments as of January 1.

Families of those slain in acts of militancy, border shelling-firing, or while in the service of the government who were entitled to government employment under SRO 43

Officials have said that beginning January 1, 2023, “a merit-based criteria has been adopted for such posts” and that only those who meet the criteria would be given government employment, with everyone else receiving a set salary.

There are 2,000 positions open throughout government agencies at the Class-IV level, and these positions have been made available to young people under SRO 43.

Victims of militancy, border shelling and firing, and surviving family members of government workers who had been waiting for compassionate appointments would all greatly benefit from this decision, as would the economy as a whole, which will see 2,000 new positions created.

According to the new scheme, “which has already come into force, an appointment or monetary compensation will be granted on compassionate grounds to a dependent family member of a government servant who may die in harness or as a result of militancy-related action or due to enemy action on the Line of Control/International Border within Jammu and Kashmir and is not involved in militancy-related activities or retires on an invalid pension, thereby leaving his family in penury and without any meagre

The new plan went into effect on January 1, 2023, and it calls for an annual count of openings and a merit list of qualified applicants, with consideration given solely to those at the top of the list based on their quarterly point totals in the merit system. To ensure complete openness and accountability, both the available positions and the applicants’ merit lists will be made public.

The compassionate appointment shall be made at the lowest non-gazetted cadre level in the department, which is the multi-tasking staff level or equivalent.



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