Blood Donation Camp of Barzulla Blood Donors and
Blood Donation Camp of Barzulla Blood Donors and "Bone and Joint Hospital": A Lifesaving Act

The phrase “DONATING BLOOD, SAVING LIVES: OUR GIFT OF HUMANITY” (One blood drop may provide someone a second shot at life.)

Every drop of blood, which is the lifeblood of mankind, matters. Barzulla Bone and Joint Hospital recently organised a blood donation camp with resounding support from the Barzulla Blood Donors NGO in a gallant effort to save lives. The strength of group compassion and communal spirit was shown by this incident.


The Initiative’s Nucleus: BARZULLA BLOOD DONORS NGO

The NGO for Barzulla Blood Donors, More than 25 to 30 pints of vital blood were kindly given by the locals.played a crucial part in this event’s triumphant achievement.
Their dedication to the goal of saving lives is really admirable.
Their generous acts of kindness touched many people’s hearts and served as an inspiration to others.

Leadership in NGO’s that Inspires:

Umer Shafi Mir, Chairman of BARZULLA BLOOD DONORS NGO, set an example by participating actively in the camp.
Mr. Mubashir Dar, vice chairman, gave the contributors significant encouragement and assistance.
Kawsar Ahmad Mir, the general secretary, methodically planned the event and saw to its smooth implementation.
A Glimmer of Hope

This camp for blood donors was more than just a one-time thing; it was a wave of optimism and vitality.
It served as a reminder that when regular people get together for a good cause, they are capable of doing incredible things.
Each contributor rose to the status of a hero by tangibly improving someone’s life.


A moving monument to the goodness of mankind was the blood donation camp that the Barzulla Bone and Joint Hospital organised with the help of the Barzulla Blood Donors NGO. It emphasised how everyone of us has the capacity to make a difference by saving lives via the simple but crucial act of giving blood. Let this occasion serve as an example for us all to uphold the great custom of giving and contribute to the welfare of others.

Barzulla Bone and Joint Hospital NGO Chairman: Mr. Umer Shafi Mir NGO Vice Chairman: Mr. Mubashir Dar NGO General Secretary: Mr. Kawsar Ahmad Mir SPECIAL THANKS AND CREDIT GOES TO



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