CS for all-encompassing initiatives to increase visitor traffic to Jammu Zoo; Lion and Tiger arrivals in October
CS for all-encompassing initiatives to increase visitor traffic to Jammu Zoo; Lion and Tiger arrivals in October

Additionally, it suggests adjusting the hours the public may visit the zoo throughout the summer.

JAMMU, SEPTEMBER 25: Chief Secretary Dr. Arun Kumar Mehta visited the Jambu Zoo in Nagrota and evaluated the services offered to tourists as well as the general operation of the zoological park, which was opened to the public a year ago.


The Chief Secretary noted during his observations that, given the attractions present, there is a need to increase the foot traffic to this facility. He said that schoolchildren and other nature enthusiasts might also be taught about animals, their behaviour, and key characteristics that are connected to them.

Dr. Mehta further said that city tourists may be made aware of the Zoo’s attractions and location to boost the number of people that visit it. He saw that there is no signage directing attention to the Zoo before it.

He persuaded the government to construct large, permanent hoardings at the airport, the railway station and other strategic locations to draw attention to the attraction and inform tourists about it. He further suggested that because the Zoo is on their approach to the cave shrine, the tens of thousands of pilgrims that visit the Shri Mata Vaishno Devi shrine should be encouraged to stop by for refreshments.

Dr. Mehta also observed that the campus cafeteria and Nature Interpretation Centre were closed. In order for visitors to the Zoo to find it comprehensive and educational, he urged that both of these facilities be made operational right away. Additionally, he instructed them to provide traditional Jammu dishes, especially those prepared with millets, in the cafeteria since they are popular and healthful throughout the country.

The Chief Secretary praised the workers for maintaining all the animals in excellent condition while touring various animal enclosures. To keep them all healthy and active, he instructed them to take care of the animals. Regarding additional interventions, he proposed that the Tiger could be brought in easily by October 15 and the Lion could be brought in quickly by October 25. He observed that such creatures are well-liked by the majority of people and would entice most tourists, especially kids. He advised them to consider adding hippopotami as a new feature to the zoological park.

In addition, the Chief Secretary suggested that the authorities consider keeping the Zoo accessible to the public in the morning and evening given Jammu’s scorching summer weather. In order to provide visitors with a cool location to visit during this heat, he urged them to consider operating the Zoo from 5.00–9.00 pm on days when it is very hot and from 7.00–10.00 am on days when it is particularly chilly.

He also noted part of the ground nearby that was sinking. In order to solve this problem as soon as possible, he ordered that the relevant specialists be brought in for a detailed examination and to provide some low-cost corrective methods.

Along with other relevant Departmental employees, he was attended on the occasion by the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (PCCF), the Divisional Commissioner of Jammu, the Deputy Commissioner of Jammu, the Chief Wild Life Warden, and the Zoo Manager.



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