DGP Swain meets the family of a Tangmarg officer killed, stating that police had
DGP Swain meets the family of a Tangmarg officer killed, stating that police had "vital leads"

Nov. 4, Srinagar: The DGP of Jammu and Kashmir, RR Swain, paid a visit to policeman Ghulam Muhammad Dar’s residence in Vailoo village of Tangmarg, north Kashmir, on Saturday, expressing his condolences and sympathies to the martyr’s family.

ADGP Kashmir Vijay Kumar, along with many other top officials, accompanied him. Terrorists assassinated Dar on Tuesday outside his house in the Tangmarg town of Vailoo.


According to an official, the DGP showed support for the grieving family and reassured them that the whole police family is there to support them through their loss and sadness. The official said that the DGP also promised the family all possible help.

Speaking to the media outside the officer’s residence, the DGP said that leads had been turned in by the police about the death.

All those who provided him with any assistance, in addition to the murderer, will be prosecuted. The official pledged to track down the murderer and prosecute him in accordance with the law. We have lost a parent, a brother, a religious person, and a police family member. “Those who are involved will not be spared,” he said.

Without a doubt, he continued, the handlers on the other side of the border are attempting to sabotage the peace and aren’t bringing money to fund terrorists instead of building roads, hospitals, or other infrastructure.

“Only until nobody here backs them will we be able to thwart their ambitions, and we’re going to foster that environment here. The infiltrations would get careful examination. We’re going to set up a scenario where nobody will be available to assist the handlers over the border,” he said.



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