Disconnection drives are intended to stop power theft and maintain the curtailment strategy. KEPDCL
Disconnection drives are intended to stop power theft and maintain the curtailment strategy. KEPDCL

Inspection drives on Thursday exceeded the 1,000 milestone; Rs. 6.63 crore was recovered against electricity debts from 1048 delinquent customers who were disconnected for unpaid arrears.

NOVEMBER 24, SRINAGAR: Kashmir Power Distribution Corporation Limited (KPDCL) earned Rs. 6.63 crore on Thursday as it continued to pursue outstanding debts from noncompliant customers.


Penalties of Rs. 7.95 lakh were levied on Thursday in response to the corporation’s inspections to verify power theft, which exceeded the $1,000 threshold.

A KPDCL representative elaborated on the findings, stating that of the 1017 inspections completed in the Kashmir Division, 161 took place in Circle I Srinagar, 182 in Circle II Srinagar, 301 in Circle Ganderbal, 147 in Circle Pulwama, 66 in Circle Bijbehara, and 160 in Circle Sopore. During the drives, the corporation increased around 245 KW of load over its six circles.

Those discovered hanging wires on bare conductors and avoiding the meters faced a penalty of Rs. 7.95 lakh across all 19 electric divisions. 52 domestic transformers (DTs), as opposed to 64 on Wednesday, were reported to have been damaged on Thursday as a result of overloading.

According to the spokesman, 1048 more home, commercial, and industrial connections were cut off owing to unpaid energy bills that had been unpaid for longer than three months. There are 266 business, 31 industrial, and 731 residential customers included in this.

A representative for the company said that the inspection and disconnections campaigns against power theft and defaulting customers, respectively, would support the company in adhering to the curtailment plan.

In addition to the 52 damaged DTs that KPDCL received on Thursday for its different workshops, 61 transformers were also mended in order to meet the deadlines set by the government. Citing Executive Engineer, CWS, Pampore, the speaker said, “As many as 74 transformers are in different stages of repair, and 27 others are in ovens at Central Workshop Pampore.”

Concerned about the recurring damage to repaired transformers, the representative asked customers to utilize electricity wisely within their contracted load; if they don’t, the DTs will sustain damage once again, which would inconvenience real customers. There have been reports of recurring damage to repaired transformers from the Central Workshop in Pampore as well as a few divisional-level workshops. The spokesman for the government cautioned that this tendency would impact the replacement timeframe set by the government and urged strict adherence to the DTs’ load capacity.

KPDCL threatened to permanently disconnect all residential, business, and industrial customers if they did not pay their outstanding energy bills. On Thursday, customers’ outstanding energy bills of Rs. 6.63 crore were recovered by KPDCL. The corporation is operating at full capacity, so it is expected that in the next few weeks, revenue realization statistics will increase even more.



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