Dr. Jitendra said that in nine years, the number of MD seats climbed by 93% and the number of MBBS seats by 79%
Dr. Jitendra said that in nine years, the number of MD seats climbed by 93% and the number of MBBS seats by 79%

11 Nov., Jammu: Today, Union Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh said that in order to ensure that no worthy applicant is put at a disadvantage, the government, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has pursued a number of initiatives to make medical education accessible and cheap.

In little over nine years, he continued, the number of MD seats climbed by 93%, from 31,185 to 60,202, while the number of MBBS seats increased by 79%, from 51,348 to 91,927.


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Dr. Jitendra Singh reported a dramatic increase in the number of government medical schools in India. From 145 in 2014 to 260 now, there are 260 GMCs, and in only nine years, there have been 23 AIIMS.

The Minister began her remarks by launching a 32-seater vehicle that the SBI had given to AIIMS, Jammu. The event was hosted at the Jammu AIIMS Bakshi Nagar Camp Office.

Director of AIIMS, Dr. Shakti Gupta, thanked Dr. Jitendra Singh for his dedication in traveling directly from Telangana to attend the event despite his hectic schedule.

Dr. Jitendra Singh said that India has become a global leader in preventive healthcare when discussing the country’s immunization program. He said that before, the nation’s status as a supplier of healthcare wasn’t given much thought.

The minister praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for removing barriers and outdated rules from the healthcare industry and for creating a more supportive environment.

The Minister proposed adopting the Doctors on Wheels model of telemedicine services in SBI-donated buses to hospitals. In order to improve the delivery of healthcare in remote locations, he advocated for an integrated health management strategy.

Afterwards, the minister engaged in conversation with the teachers and students of AIIMS, Jammu. He gave advice to the students on how to succeed in their fields and shared his own experiences with them.

Dr. Jitendra Singh discussed his experiences and exchanged opinions on the newest medical instruments, such as artificial intelligence and quantum therapy. He also recommended theme-based continuing medical education programs that house many streams and specialties. In order to get the best results, he also discussed combining clinical medicine with deep technology.

A book named “Handbook of Policies, Guidelines, and Procedures” was launched by Dr. Jitendra Singh on this occasion. The book emphasizes how crucial it is for institutions to work together and to undertake trials at many sites.

In addition, he gave the students advice on how to help the Prime Minister realize his goal of having a prosperous country by 2047.



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