English translation of Quran accessible from Institute of Islamic and Arabic Studies
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The Capital of New Delhi: In an effort to deliver the Qur’an in the manner Islam’s first generations understood it, the Institute of Islamic and Arab Studies in Delhi has issued a new English translation of the holy book.

It’s the first significant addition to the English translation of the Qur’an from India since Abdullah Yusuf Ali’s translation came out in the early 1930s. This version provides a thorough introduction to the tenets of Islam, with extensive annotations and supplementary materials.


The Indian scholar Dr. Zafarul-Islam Khan began the project with the intention of revising Abdullah Yusuf Ali’s translation, which Khan claims is riddled with errors and employs dated and flowery prose. Dr. Khan’s work slowly progressed over 11 years into a totally new translation with over two thousand new annotations and several appendices on the introduction to the Qur’an, a biography of Prophet Muhammad, the Beautiful Names of Allah, a dictionary of Islamic terms, and a subject index of the Quran. This revised version of the Quran, then, serves as a comprehensive manual for followers of Islam.

The translator is a renowned expert on Islam who earned a PhD in Islamic Studies from Manchester University after completing his studies at Al-Azhar and Cairo. He has written extensively in Arabic, English, and Urdu and is proficient in all three languages. In London, he spent almost 14 years as a senior research fellow at the Muslim Institute. He writes and speaks Arabic with native fluency, which puts him in a unique position to execute such a challenging work.

In this work, Dr. Khan relies exclusively on the most genuine and original Arabic works and oldest volumes on exegesis and biographies of the Prophet and the most authentic dictionaries of the Quran and Arabic language in order to discover the meanings of difficult words, phrases, and concepts.

The extensive new annotations take into consideration the kinds of queries a typical Muslim or non-Muslim reader could have as they go through the Quran. Unfortunately, this perspective is missing from many translations, which has given Islam’s detractors ammunition.

Dr. Khan claims that he has made every effort to produce a translation that is accurate to the original text as the first Muslims understood it. He claims this new translation is the most accurate rendering of the sacred Islamic book in easy, contemporary English.

Pharos Media, a publisher in Delhi, has released two versions of the translation. There is a side-by-side comparison of the Arabic and English text versions. The other edition is without the Arabic text. [email protected], Amazon.in, or Flipkart are all good places to place an order for the book. The translation will soon be published by a variety of publishers in different countries and will also be accessible on TheGloriousQuran.net, which is under development.



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