False Ayurvedic remedies are sold on the side of the road by quacks who prey on the credulous
False Ayurvedic remedies are sold on the side of the road by quacks who prey on the credulous

Baramulla, July 22: Abdul Aziz, a distressed native of Boniyar in the Baramulla district, is the most recent casualty of quacks peddling phoney herbal remedies at several roadside intersections in Baramulla town, in the north Kashmir region.
Concerns about public health and safety have been raised recently due to the sharp increase in quacks preying on elderly and other vulnerable people.

Aziz’s journey started when he trusted a quack on Tehsil Road in Baramulla who promised to permanently relieve his nagging joint pain.


He paid Rs 600 on the alleged herbal treatment in the hopes of finding relief, only to discover that his illness became worse. Aziz was left with swollen joints and agonising discomfort rather than relief, making him regret his choice greatly.

These dishonest quacks con unsuspecting victims with claims that they can cure a variety of maladies, including joint pain, skin difficulties, renal troubles, and weakness, in the absence of any regulatory control.

They market their fake goods as oils, powders, and sticks that resemble cinnamon and are said to be derived from various locations in Rajasthan.

The dishonest sellers use manipulated photographs of VIPs to bolster their questionable claims and make claims about being a member of an ancestral company that has been in operation for centuries.

They avoid taking responsibility when questioned about the legitimacy of their medications.One of the vendors replied, “We have been in this business for generations.

“Even though we lack a licence for such activities, we nonetheless get these priceless medications from remote regions of Rajasthan. We sell these medications all throughout the nation,” he claimed.

Healthcare experts who are concerned, including Dr. Mir Waseem, emphasised the critical need for public education about this alleged Ayurvedic false drug. He cautions that these generic medications may have serious negative effects on patients, often resulting in liver and kidney damage.

Many of these victims wind up in hospitals because these false therapies have seriously harmed their health, the speaker said. He highlighted the need to inform the people about this dangerous scenario. Concerned citizens in this area have encouraged the government to take action against these unlicensed quacks and enact strict rules to protect the public’s health.Farooq Ahmad, a local, said that the worrisome increase in the selling of phoney herbal medicines in Baramulla “demands immediate attention and measures to protect innocent citizens from falling prey to these cunning fraudsters.”



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