At the EEPC India National Export Awards event in New Delhi, the Lieutenant Governor speaks
At the EEPC India National Export Awards event in New Delhi, the Lieutenant Governor speaks

On Friday, Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha claimed that Jammu City would be one of the state’s main drivers of development.

In a statement issued here, an official spokesman quoted the LG as saying, “Our prime objective is to transform Jammu city into a centre of opportunities for all sections and develop it as an engine of growth and also an incubator for young entrepreneurs of J&K.” The LG was speaking at the inauguration of the complete street development of Apsara Road, High Street, Gole Market Area, and adjoining roads. We’re making sure that infrastructure like water and electricity can keep up with rising populations as cities expand.

He explained that Jammu Smart City Limited had prioritised the construction of this road system.


Sinha gave back to society by upgrading and modernising 13.5 kilometres of roads in Gandhi Nagar and turning 600 metres of Apsara Road into a high street.

He claimed that the revitalization of the well-known Apsara Avenue would increase commerce and tourism in the region, making the market area a focal point for Jammu residents and visitors alike.

The LG reaffirmed the J&K government’s resolve to effect a sea change in the state’s urban landscape.

“We have prioritised constructing new and resilient infrastructure so that Jammu City can provide residents with great living, smart mobility, and a pleasant environment. To prepare our cities for future problems, it is essential that we invest in the maintenance and improvement of our current physical infrastructure, he said. We are working hard to revitalise cities and build infrastructure that the average person can use under Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The goal of the Affordable Rental Housing Complex, which opened its doors in August, is to provide those living in urban slums with safe, decent places to live and access to essential services. Many people in the workforce who contribute to expansion have benefited from this programme.

Sinha stated that the city’s ease of living and sustainability would be enhanced by the many ongoing projects, such as the Tawi River Front, heritage conservation, street development from Mubarak Mandi to Raghunath Bazaar, rejuvenation of water bodies, beautification of the approach road to Bahu Fort, waste management, the Blue Green Project of Ranbir Canal, and the addition of more electric buses to the fleet in the near future.

He also mentioned that “the infrastructure of smart equipment for solid waste management, traffic, and smart city policing would also be launched soon to ensure the smooth functioning of the city.”

The LG emphasised the importance of people and other stakeholders working together during the development process, doing their duties with unwavering determination, and paying for government services.

I’m making an official announcement that we will not charge the poor for power if we have the means to do so. A biassed system that only helps a select few will not fly in this setting. The 1.30 billion people who call Jammu and Kashmir home are our first priority, he declared. “I promise the people that the government will make all decisions in the best interests of the citizens, merchants, and business community. We maintain constant business hours. Any ideas that could help our society would be much appreciated.

Attendees included Rajinder Sharma, Mayor of Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC), Jugal Kishore Sharma, Member of Parliament, Arun Kumar Mehta, Chief Secretary, IGP Anand Jain, Divisional Commissioner Ramesh Kumar, and CEO Rahul Yadav of Jammu Smart City.



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