In Kupwara, IIFL will provide hospitality training and career prospects.
In Kupwara, IIFL will provide hospitality training and career prospects.

Srinagar, July 19: The IIFL Foundation and REACHA have teamed together to create a program designed to provide young people in the Kupwara area of north Kashmir access to market-relevant hospitality training and employment prospects. The initiative is being supported by the Indian Army.

This initiative’s main goal is to mobilize kids, involve the neighbourhood, and assist them in realizing their potential in the hospitality industry.


According to an Army source, the program “will provide comprehensive hospitality training to equip the participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to become professionals in the industry.” The hospitality training course will cover a variety of subjects, such as business and hotel management, culinary skills, personal cleanliness, grooming standards, and more.

The official said that the emphasis will be on preparing the trainees for acceptable career prospects that may be found in Kupwara and the other cities.

Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL), a leader in the sector, has stated its readiness to assist the program by giving trainees placement chances depending on their performance, giving it a considerable boost.

The official said that the partnership “ensures that the program not only imparts valuable skills but also pave the way for meaningful employment prospects for the participants.”

The training program will include 40 trainees in each batch, comprising both boys and girls, and the course will last 90 days.

In order to provide a thorough curriculum throughout the training program, REACHA will collaborate with recognized industry specialists including TATA Strive, TAJ, and other market organizations.

The official stated, “The training program will cover a range of essential skills, including fundamental retail, customer service, and sales-related training.”

He said that the trainees’ employability will be further improved by these new abilities, increasing their chances of landing satisfying jobs in the hospitality industry. According to the announcement, recipients must be between the ages of 18 and 28 and meet the minimum educational requirements of finishing the 10th grade.

“The initiative aims to include youth from both rural and urban areas of the Aspirational district of Kupwara, ensuring equal opportunities for all,” the announcement said.

The fact that there will be no cost for the hospitality training course is one of the most impressive features of this program.

All societal groups should have access to education and skill development, particularly in economically underdeveloped areas, as understood by IIFL, REACHA, and its partners.

The trainees’ development will be continuously monitored by the program, and evaluations will be taken to gauge their level of learning. The announcement states that qualified applicants who pass the tests will be given the opportunity to be certified and placed.



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