Increasing security measures as the dedication day of the Ram temple approaches
Increasing security measures as the dedication day of the Ram temple approaches

Ayodhya, September 17: As the date of the dedication ceremony for the Ram Temple in Ayodhya approaches, security organisations, such as the anti-terrorist squad and central intelligence agencies, have begun developing a watertight security strategy for the important occasion.

The routes to homeowners’ roofs should always be accessible, since the security authorities will utilise them in an emergency. In addition, buildings with two and three stories have their roofs randomly checked.


Additionally, some security personnel are being stationed in places with great views of the region at high altitudes.

In eight colonies around the Ram Janmabhoomi premises, more over 10,000 people live, including about 2,000 members of the Muslim faith.

Areas with mixed populations are given additional attention by security authorities, and security officers often patrol these areas.

Sources claim that the red zone security area has been extended to eight other towns in addition to the Ram Janmabhoomi campus’s 70 acres. Here, the security perimeter is being tightened.

According to reports, barriers are being constructed on all of the access ways while security officers are being stationed here on a constant basis.

The populace of the regions close to the Ram Janmabhoomi grounds has seen a rise in agency migration.

According to a senior official, the intelligence sleuths have made note of the names, residences, and identities of every household member in the surrounding regions.

In an area of eight acres, a rectangular wall is also being built in addition to the temple. A planned entrance for ordinary visitors will be made in the centre of this wall, towards the east. In the north, a VVIP entrance will be constructed.



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