J&K is producing
J&K is producing "scan and share OPD" tokens faster than any other state in the nation

71 healthcare facilities in J&K received this facility when it was launched in April 2023.

Srinagar, September 1: By producing more than 7,92,641 tokens in August 2023, J&K surpassed Karnataka state to claim second place nationwide in the generation of “Scan and Share OPD” tokens.


According to a government release, the Scan and Share queue-free registration procedure has advanced under the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission J&K and is now proving to be a game-changer for the convenience of OPD registration for patients in the healthcare facilities in J&K.

In April 2023, this facility was introduced and expanded to 71 healthcare facilities in J&K. A trained workforce was dispatched to support local human resources and assist patients in using this digital service without lines.

The general public visiting hospitals has greatly praised the government’s effort, which has led to a conversion of between 70 and 90 percent from the physical to the digital method.

In addition to saving patients and their companions time waiting in the hospital’s lengthy lines, this programme has also reduced the likelihood that patients may make demographic mistakes while registering. Every citizen must have a paperless health record that may be accessed by stakeholders with the patient’s permission. In only 4 months, the healthcare institutions in J&K have produced 7,92,641 tokens.

Patient registration is becoming more straightforward and patient-focused thanks to Scan and Share.

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