Kashmiris cheer when Shah Rukh Khan's Jawan premieres
Kashmiris cheer when Shah Rukh Khan's Jawan premieres

Srinagar: Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan received a thunderous reception upon its premiere at the Inox Multiplex, with all daytime performances seeing full house attendance.

Both in Srinagar and across the rest of the nation, there was the same amount of excitement and fervent public anticipation around the premiere of superstar SRK’s movie “Jawan.”


As expected, the movie, which was helmed by Atlee and starred South Indian actress Nayanthara, had a triumphant opening.

The ‘Jawan’ craze captured Srinagar as well, with the movie playing to a full house at the city’s only cinema as moviegoers from around the country flocked to witness the ‘Badshah’ in an action-packed massy avatar.

“Because of the positive reviews, we have great expectations for this film. I am ecstatic,” a spectator outside Inox Multiplex said.

“Jawan seems to be no exception to the rule of how exciting and anticipated Shah Rukh Khan films generally are,” said Vijay Dhar, owner of Inox Multiplex. The actor has a sizable fan following in Kashmir, which is evident from the fact that the Inox Multiplex was entirely filled.

According to Shar, the tremendous reaction demonstrates how eager fans were to witness SRK’s most recent movie on a huge screen.

“Such enthusiasm frequently results in a successful opening for a movie, both financially and in terms of the overall cinematic experience,” he added, pointing out that there was a similar amount of interest among the younger generation to see SRK in his previous movie Pathan.

Even Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi raised it in the legislature.

In his speech to the Lok Sabha, PM Modi enthusiastically mentioned the success of Pathaan throughout the globe and said that Srinagar cinemas were once again packed to capacity.

To accommodate the high number of individuals who had pre-purchased tickets for the movie, the theatre owner held eight showing of it on Thursday.

The concerts today attracted sizable numbers of young people, adults, and seniors.

Fans of SRK bounced and rocked to the soundtrack as the movie started.

The owner of the Inox Multiplex has reserved eight events for the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) and five acts for Friday.

The proprietor of Inox predicts a jam-packed house this weekend given the intense demand for tickets.

Taran Adarsh, a film industry expert, called “Jawan” a “mega blockbuster.”

One word sums up #Jawan: MEGA-BLOCKBUSTER.Score: ****½ A tough masala entertainment that will undoubtedly be a landmark in #SRK’s career… The character that #Atlee gives #SRK is one that is (fire)… Jawan is coming to win both hearts and BO, so move over, Pathaan. He shared a review of Jawan on X.



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