My heart was broken in the quarterfinals of the US Open, and it affected me profoundly: A.V. Sindhu
Nadia Farooq

The defeat to Gao Fang Jie in the US Open quarterfinals had a deep emotional impact on India’s top shuttler PV Sindhu, who spoke to the media on July 17 in New Delhi. Sindhu has had a trying and demanding year.

On Friday in Council Bluffs, USA, Sindhu was eliminated from the Super 300 competition after losing in consecutive games against Fang Jie of China, 20-22, 13-21.


On Instagram, Sindhu gave Fang Jie high marks for her performance in the semifinals, claiming that the Chinese player had outplayed her by taking advantage of her shortcomings.

My run at the US Open was cut short by the excellent Gao Fang Jie in the semifinals. I had beaten her in Canada before, but this time she beat me in straight sets by exploiting my flaws. I’m impressed with how well she prepared for the performance. In an Instagram post, Sindhu said, “Next time I face you Gao, should be a battle.”

Even after the difficult and hard year I’ve had, this loss has affected me deeply emotionally. It’s upsetting to lose after winning every event you enter. However, I want to channel my feelings into redoubling my efforts and make the rest of the year genuinely spectacular,” she said.

The Olympic medallist, who has won two, has congratulated Lakshya Sen, saying that she has been inspired by his achievements. Sen made it all the way to the semi-finals, but he ultimately lost to the winner, Li Shi Feng.

“I’m writing to share my heartfelt joy for Lakshya, who has been doing well in spite of all the challenges he’s had to overcome. She said it was motivating to see him do so well.

This 2023 season has not been Sindhu’s finest, as seen by his five first-round losses and two round-of-16 exits. In 11 events played this year, she has reached just one final and two semifinals.



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