On day 3 of the Kokernag Operation, a soldier was killed, bringing the total death toll to 4
On day 3 of the Kokernag Operation, a soldier was killed, bringing the total death toll to 4

On Friday, September 15, a soldier who was wounded in the ongoing operation in Kokernag region of south Kashmir’s Anantnag district passed away from his injuries, bringing the total number of casualties from the operation to four. This took place even as on the third day of the encounter, new shooting and bomb rocked Gadole woodland area for the whole day on Friday.

Colonel Manpreet Singh, the Commanding Officer of the 19 Rashtriya Rifles, Major Aashish Dhonchak, who was also from the same battalion, and Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Muhammad Humayun Muzamil Bhat all sustained fatal injuries during the encounter that started on Wednesday. The operation itself resulted in the loss of all three of their lives.


According to sources inside the security establishment here, the wounded man passed away as a result of his injuries on Thursday night while he was being treated at the Army hospital.

in that time, he was receiving medical attention in the hospital for his wounds.

In an effort to flush out the terrorists who are thought to be hidden in the difficult terrain, the security forces that are taking part in the operation have resorted to firing mortar bombs into the area.

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On Friday, the anti-terrorist operation that had been taking place in the Gadole forest in the Anantnag area began its third day. There were reports of further shooting and explosions.

During the last two days, security personnel have been using Under-Barrel Grenade Launchers (UBGLs) and directing high-intensity fire into the bush, where it is thought the terrorists are hiding.

The location of the confrontation has seen the deployment of more forces, and a comprehensive operation has been initiated to secure the whole of the wooded area of Gadol in an effort to track down and apprehend the terrorists.

Officials have said unequivocally that a comprehensive search operation is presently being carried out, and that helicopters are already being enlisted to assist in the mission.

An eyewitness from the region said that the gunfire has been going on intermittently near the location that has been ringed by the security forces, which include men from the Army, the Police, and the CRPF. This reportedly began on Friday morning.

Greater Kashmir was informed by one of the top Police officials that, “throughout the course of the night, the security forces had maintained a close cordon around the forest.”

He said that drones were used by the security services in order to monitor the activities of the terrorists and identify their precise position. Drones have evolved into an extremely significant instrument in the context of contemporary anti-terrorism operations.

“The use of drone surveillance enables the forces to gather real-time intelligence and execute targeted actions while minimising risk to personnel,” he said, adding that additional soldiers, including elite paratroopers, had been recruited for operation. “The use of drone surveillance enables the forces to gather real-time intelligence and execute targeted actions while minimising risk to personnel.”

According to the officer, “the joint parties used drones to drop grenades on suspected terrorist hideout locations.” “The terrain is rather challenging in places. In this part of the forest, we are now carrying out the combing operation.

A senior official in the Army was quoted as saying, “We are carrying out determined efforts to kill the terrorists who have claimed the lives of four officers since the beginning of this week.”

He said that the anti-terror operation that was being carried out in the hills that were covered in forest had been stepped up by the security forces, including the Army, the Police, and the CRPF.

“Yes, we are now in the midst of the third day of the operation. According to the statement made by an official in the army, “We are employing advanced tactics, including drone surveillance and heavy artillery fire.”

On Thursday, the police said that members of the LeT terrorist organisation, including Uzair Khan, were surrounded.

During the previous year, Khan had joined the ranks of the terrorist organisation.

The death of the policemen was highly denounced throughout Kashmir by the region’s political leadership as well as members of Kashmir’s civil society.

There were a number of demonstrations and candlelight marches organised around the area, notably in the districts of Kupwara and Bandipora in the northern part of Kashmir and the Kulgam district in the southern part of the region.

The marchers, who included relatives and acquaintances of the three people who were killed, carried signs that had expressions of sympathy addressed to the families of the dead.

The political leadership and key officials from civil and police administration, including the Lieutenant Governor, paid a visit to the family of DSP Bhat. The DSP’s father, Ghulam Hassan Bhat, retired as Inspector General of Police (IGP) of Kashmir in 2018.



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