PAN Healthcare Pvt Ltd provides no-charge sanitary pad vending machines to educational institutions
Nadia Farooq

PAN Healthcare Pvt Ltd provides no-charge sanitary pad vending machines to educational institutions.

PAN Healthcare Pvt Ltd, a part of the PAN Group of enterprises located in Rajkot, Gujarat, has announced the start of a CSR programme focused at delivering sanitary pad vending machines to schools and institutions free of cost.

The company’s mission is to make high-quality, reasonably priced personal hygiene products available to everyone in the world. The firm is well-known for its broad presence across industries including Cotton, Cement, Steel, Construction, and Solar power.


PAN Healthcare was established in 2016, and it has been committed to the Make in India mission ever since its inception. Diapers, both infant and adult sizes, and sanitary napkins were formerly rarities that had to be imported.

However, PAN Healthcare has evolved to provide cutting-edge technology and premium hygiene products at reasonable pricing to customers all throughout India and beyond.

PAN Healthcare is addressing pregnancy-related education and the provision of high-quality sanitary pads at educational institutions as part of their corporate social responsibility effort.

The business has announced plans to place sanitary pad vending machines in a variety of schools so that students always have ready access to them.

Dr. Shahid Iqbal Chowdhary IAS, Secretary of the Tribal Affairs Department, Chief Executive Officer of J&K Mission Youth, and Mission Director of Skill Development in Jammu and Kashmir, launched the programme.

During the SKICC Srinagar event, the president of the PAN Health firm facilitated communication between the former KCCI president Sheikh Ashiq Mohammad and the director of Bollywood films.

PAN Healthcare has created both the sanitary pad selling devices and a free mobile app dubbed “Pocket Gynaecologist.”

This app, found on the Google Play Store, connects expectant mothers with gynaecologists and paediatricians so they may get the finest prenatal care without leaving their homes.

PAN Healthcare encourages everyone to work together to protect women and girls by adopting these bold measures. Mr. G. Balamurugan, General Manager of Sales, and Mr. Chirag M. Pan, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, as well as Mr. Jatin Panchani, Director of Operations, President Rakesh C. Sinha, and the Company’s dealer and distributor network, attended the press conference.

PAN Healthcare’s mission is to make India a healthier place and give women more agency by expanding women’s access to cheap sanitary products and offering complete pregnancy assistance using cutting-edge technology.



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