PM Modi introduces the PM Vishwakarma Programme
PM Modi introduces the PM Vishwakarma Programme

Lt. Governor thanks the Honourable Prime Minister for the groundbreaking effort while virtually attending the inaugural event in Srinagar.

On September 17, Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha virtually joined the UT-level event held in Srinagar to mark the inauguration of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “PM Vishwakarma Scheme.”


The Lt Governor thanked the Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji for the revolutionary project.

He claimed that thousands of J&K UT craftsmen and craftspeople using their hands and tools would directly profit from the programme.

“Our exceptional craftsmen have maintained the valuable legacy, unique culture, and customs while working tirelessly and with inventiveness to keep the socioeconomic development engine running. The backbone of the developing society lies in their industrious hands, the Lt. Governor said.

The PM Vishwakarma Scheme recognises the traditional craftsmanship abilities and admirable devotion and dedication of artisans. According to him, it will guarantee that the Vishwakarmas get financial aid, skill development, and integration into local, national, and international value chains.

Vishwakarmas have historically been seen as the forces of progress. They are the embodiment of creative force, the ruler of the arts, the maker of a wide variety of crafts, and the creators of businesses. Sadly, the discriminatory system that has been in place in J&K for decades has caged the dreams of communities who practise traditional crafts, according to the Lt. Governor.

We are working with the mission of “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas & Sabka Prayas” to empower the weak and disadvantaged sectors of society under the direction of the Prime Minister. The Lt. Governor said, “I am convinced that the ‘PM Vishwakarma Scheme’ would bring about a dramatic turnaround in the lives of our Vishwakarmas.

The Lt. Governor noted the important steps the UT Administration had done to support the socioeconomic advancement of the families working in the traditional craft, handicraft, and handloom industries.

Two extremely significant economic pillars are emerging: handicrafts and handloom. More than 29 more crafts have been approved by the government and are now included in the handicrafts and handloom industry. We were able to double the exports of handicrafts and handloom thanks to the Hon. Prime Minister’s ongoing assistance and direction, he said.

The Lt. Governor also urged everyone in society to recognise and isolate any forces attempting to thwart peace and progress.

Profiteers from armed conflicts have built homes overseas, sent their kids to study there, and put the poor through hardship. That ecology has been destroyed, and the network of these war profiteers has been disrupted. According to the Lt. Governor, we have surmounted several obstacles in the last three years to bring peace and prosperity to the lives of the average person.

The Lt. Governor also emphasised the initiatives to increase accountability and transparency in the governance process.

People who have a problem with an open, truthful, and accountable system are those who have never enabled talent, merit, or hard effort to blossom. I want to assure them that the Hon. Prime Minister will ensure that people’s rights are always protected, that only merit will be rewarded, and that the environment of good governance and transparency will be further developed.

The PM Vishwakarma Scheme should be made available to the greatest number of traditional artists and artisans, according to Kaushal Kishore, Union Minister of State for Housing & Urban Affairs.

The Union MoS applauded the advancements made by Jammu and Kashmir under different programmes and also gave the women’s community an assurance of full support and aid in establishing…



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