The chief secretary assesses the development of IT projects
The chief secretary assesses the development of IT projects

Congratulations to Team J&K for taking first place among UT/States with 1038 e-services and setting a goal of 1500 services

ON SEPTEMBER 25, SRINAGAR: Chief Secretary, Dr. Arun Kumar Mehta presided over a thorough evaluation of the IT Department today with the goal of further easing the lives of regular residents via the use of e-initiatives for more transparency and door-step delivery of different government services.


Alongside the evaluation, he also unveiled a number of IT initiatives, including the Cyber Crisis Management Plan (CCMP), Open Government Data (OGD) platform, Digital Internship 2.0, and five (05) new online services dedicated to the public.

Along with other senior officials from the IT Department, the CEO of JKeGA, the State Informatics Officer of NIC, and the Commissioner/Secretary of the IT Department all attended the review meeting and launch ceremony.

The Chief Secretary acknowledged Team J&K’s efforts at the start of the evaluation for reaching the milestone of earning the top rank among States and UTs in terms of the number of e-services made accessible to residents. At the same time, he made it clear that the success should inspire everyone to find other areas and services that should be offered in an electronic format in order to further improve the ease of the general population.

He emphasised that e-services have improved departmental efficiency and are a highly effective instrument for achieving the “BhrashtacharMukt J&K” administration goal. The general public is also appreciating e-initiatives for their transparent, hassle-free character. He asked the department to keep working to increase the number of e-services available, advocating the addition of new services and setting a goal of achieving 1500 e-services.

Dr. Mehta oversaw the production of thorough reports identifying the backlog of e-files inside different government agencies for prompt file destruction during the evaluation of e-office. He emphasised the need of pinpointing users that have subpar file disposal rates. He also emphasised the use of cutting-edge tools in e-office processes, such voice-to-text converters, and evaluated the advancement of the Digital DPR and Virtual Tour projects.

He ordered the inclusion of the PSGA timeline in the SMS delivered to individuals upon submitting an e-service application by the end of this month in order to increase empowerment & transparency and to sensitise the general public about their entitlement to timely public service delivery.

Meanwhile, the Chief Secretary described the creation of new horizons in J&K as evidence of increased transparency while announcing the JK instances of the Open Government Data (OGD) Platform, the Cyber Crisis Management Plan (CCMP), and the Digital Internship Programme 2.0.

Prerna Puri, the Commissioner Secretary for Information Technology, spoke at the event and told the audience that this year the Department is accepting a batch of 17 interns for training under the “Digital Internship Programme 2.0.” She said that the program’s goal is to increase participants’ ability to comprehend how government services and procedures operate more clearly.



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